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Urbit Live

Urbit Live

Urbit Live

A data trading platform and web browser for Planet Urbit.
Urbit Live

Urbit eliminates reliance on cloud services and applications by simplifying the way software runs on the Internet.

Your Urbit is your personal, secure server that can run apps, organize files, send messages, store cryptocurrencies, and more, and even update itself. You can think of it as the home of encryption on the Internet. One login is enough.

Luxury fashion brand Burberry cooperates with chain game company Mythical Games to launch game characters, decorations and virtual worlds: According to news on June 21, British luxury fashion brand Burberry is reaching an agreement with Mythical Games’ NFT-based game BlankosBlockParty, and Burberry will be in the game. Create your own virtual world and add more characters and in-game items to Blankos Block Party. Additionally, Burberry has released a new unicorn character called MinnyB. The new accessories will be available for purchase in-game starting June 22. Last summer, Burberry cooperated with Mythical Games to release a series of Burberry brand SharkyB digital characters and corresponding accessories. (Vogue)[2022/6/21 4:41:52]

Urbit is not a physical device, it is installed on an existing cloud server and you can interact with it from your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer. It can be accessed from anywhere, and can end up costing as much as, or less than, your music streaming subscription of choice.

Nasdaq-listed company Urban Tea, the parent company of the Chinese tea brand Mingyuntang, transitioned to Bitcoin mining: On February 17, Urban Tea, the parent company of the Chinese tea brand Mingyuntang listed on the Nasdaq, announced that it would be mining on the blockchain. According to the CEO of the company, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are becoming more and more popular, the company will gradually expand its business to the entire blockchain ecosystem. Including cryptocurrency mining, blockchain mine construction, and cryptocurrency trading operations, etc. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Hunan, China, Urban Tea owns the tea brand Mingyuntang and is currently valued at about $45 million. [2021/2/18 17:25:47]

The original vision of the Internet was that everyone would have their own computer to store data, run software, and connect to other computers on the network. Easily share ideas and information directly with others without third-party involvement. But that vision never materialized, largely because of the ad hoc ways the Internet had been built over the past three decades. It's a mix of codes, protocols, Unix systems that makes running your own software on the Internet very difficult, even for professionals. Instead, the task was left to tech companies.

DGB has cooperated with ArtisTurba: ArtisTurba official Twitter announced today that it has established a partnership with DigiBytecoin (DGB), and DGB will be listed on the ArtisTurba exchange in June. The global average price of DGB is $0.0356, an increase of 7.08%. [2018/4/19]

When we "network" through social media, we are really just connecting through servers that provide social services, not connecting users to each other. In the cloud model, technology companies providing services run software-as-a-service for us. This model works well for some computational needs, but leads to poor results. Currently, users have a fragmented and cumbersome digital experience, do not own and control their own data, and have no privacy on the Internet. Urbit eliminates reliance on cloud services and applications by simplifying the way software runs on the Internet.

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Urbit Live
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