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BCNL Foundation

BCNL Foundation

BCNL FoundationOrganization

A scalable blockchain community in the Netherlands.
BCNL Foundation

The BCNL Foundation is a scalable community in the Netherlands, targeting start-ups related to encryption, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology, aiming to make the Netherlands an international blockchain center through mutual cooperation.

Netizens broke the news: BCH can make mandatory lock-up smart contract functions: Weibo netizen "BCH enthusiast BruceLee" just posted an article saying: I just saw that BCH can make mandatory lock-up smart contract functions, the principle is like this. Send your BCH to a specific smart contract address, and only when the USD quotation of BCH reaches the preset value, you can withdraw the currency from the contract. Some developers have written a contract template before, but at that time there was no Oracle available to provide BCH quotations. But now with the gradual popularity of anyhedge, the Oracle service provided by the anyhedge team may be widely adopted, and there may be a small function of wallet integration in the future. After all, there are indeed people who need it. This method of relying on the smart contract to lock the warehouse is the safest method. As long as you keep the private key well, the coins will not be lost, and it can also prevent your own hands from selling in the middle. [2021/1/14 16:10:50]

BCH fell below the $400 mark with an intraday drop of 0.95%: according to data from Huobi Global, BCH fell short-term and fell below the $400 mark. It is now at $399.92, with an intraday drop of 0.95%. The market fluctuates greatly, please do a good job in risk control . [2021/1/5 16:27:41]

Binance released an explanation for the abnormal price of BCN online: Binance officially released an explanation for the abnormal price of BCN: since Bytecoin (BCN) went online on May 9, the price fluctuated violently and attracted the attention of some users. After investigation, the process of price fluctuations was restored:

1. After the release of the online announcement and the opening of transactions, the user activity of BCN has soared. Some miners use the old version of BCN mining software. There is a bug in this version of the software, which leads to the instability of the BCN network.

2. Due to the instability of the network, the BCN web wallet cannot be transferred.

3. Subsequent large-scale user withdrawals made withdrawals from P and H networks unable to enter the BCN blockchain network;

4. After BCN failed to deposit, the price rose sharply. Binance found an abnormal transaction and promptly issued a risk warning in the community to remind users to pay attention to risk control, and issued an official announcement, and suspended the BCN recharge, and urged the BCN development team to deal with it urgently.

5. Binance's BCN wallet is stable and there is no abnormality, and it has repeatedly reminded users to pay attention to the risk of prevention and control in major communities throughout the process.

6. The BCN project team took 12 hours to release a new version of the software, which solved network congestion and resumed blockchain transfers. [2018/5/11]

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BCNL Foundation
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