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Rethinking the science ecosystem.

Open Science Network OSN is a shared open protocol on the blockchain, researchers, universities, R&D institutions, and government departments can effectively interact, reduce friction in each step of the communication process, and aim to encourage large-scale open collaboration. Scientists from around the world will be free to collaborate and solve problems like never before.

News | Huobi: The blockchain mobile phone was launched by the Huobi Prime Phase 6 project, not Huobi: Coindesk reported today that the Huobi Group (Huobi Group) announced on Tuesday that it will launch a blockchain mobile phone "Acute" at a price of $515. Angle”, which will be powered by Whole Network (NODE) tokens. In this regard, Huobi told Jinse Finance that the phone was launched by Whole Network, the sixth project of Huobi Prime, not Huobi. [2019/9/4]

Quotes | Conceptual stocks in the US-listed blockchain rose more and fell less: US stocks opened, and the three major stock indexes opened lower across the board. Conceptual stocks in the US-listed blockchain rose more and fell less. Renren was flat, Secoo fell 0.82%, China Net Online fell 3.06%, Xunlei rose 0.25%, Cheetah Mobile rose 1.67%, and Lanting Jishi rose 1.73%. [2019/4/9]

Voice | Chairman of Kelly Chain Valley: When the industry is blockchainized, blockchain service companies will have the foundation for blockchain industrialization: On March 24, we will talk about "blockchain technology empowers the real economy" The summit forum on the theme was successfully held in Wuhan.

Dr. Bi Ran, chairman of Kelly Chain Valley, said: When the industry is blockchainized, blockchain, as a technology of production relations, solves the problem of rapid and sustainable development of emerging technologies as productivity and means of production. Blockchain service companies will With the foundation of blockchain industrialization. On the road of helping China's blockchain industrialization development. [2019/3/28]


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