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The world's first P2P options trading platform.

The world's first P2P options trading platform, with just a few simple steps, anyone can buy or create an option. Sparrow Exchange is designed to create a great user experience and the best prices, even ordinary people can easily use our industry-leading combination of security and infrastructure and pricing tools driven by machine learning.

Space ID will open 300 .bnb domain name registration quotas every day for 5 consecutive days from today: According to the official announcement on September 7, the domain name service network Space ID announced that it will open from September 7th to September 11th, Beijing time. During the start of the activity, 300 .bnb domain name registration quotas will be opened at 13:00 (Beijing time) every day. One address can only register one domain name. When the total number of applicants reaches 300, the registration for the day will end. From 13:00 on September 13th, Beijing time, the .bnb domain name will be fully open.

According to previous news, Binanca Labs led the seed round financing of SPACE ID, a domain name service network. The specific financing amount was not disclosed. The raised funds will be used to upgrade the ".bnb" domain name of SAPCE ID and develop other domain names. SPACE ID has announced that it will start distributing bidding revenue (1019 BNB) to domain name holders on September 14. [2022/9/7 13:13:45]

Simplify the option selection and creation process. Users simply choose between a TradePROTECT call, a TradeBOOST sell, and its proprietary Nest system will price the options and match them to all parties.

Musk: Dogecoin has already been used as a payment method for purchasing Tesla goods, and SpaceX will soon follow up: On June 21, Musk said in an interview with Bloomberg at the Qatar Economic Forum that I intend to personally support the dog Dogecoin, I know a lot of people who are not so rich encourage me to buy and support Dogecoin, so I am echoing these people.

Musk said that Dogecoin has been used as a payment method for Tesla goods, and SpaceX will soon follow. [2022/6/21 4:43:19]

SpaceChain and others received £440,000 in funding to cooperate in the development of decentralized satellite infrastructure: EUREKA, Enterprise Singapore and Innovate UK jointly contributed to SpaceChain UK Limited (SpaceChain), alliance partner Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd (“Addvalue”) and Alba Orbital provided £440,000 in funding, as well as access to research and development facilities and resources. The funded companies will jointly develop a decentralized satellite infrastructure (DSI) to power the blockchain core payload, enabling satellites to directly execute missions in real time. (Prnewswire) [2020/12/10 14:49:14]


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