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The hardware wallet incubated by imToken.

Incubated by imToken, it is a safe and easy-to-use hardware wallet that supports imToken and is also compatible with Metamask, Scatter, etc.

Naoris Protocol completed $11.5 million in financing, led by Tim Draper: July 27, Naoris Protocol completed $11.5 million in financing, led by Tim Draper, Holt Xchange, Holdun Family Officer, SDC Management, Expert Dojo, Uniera, Level One Robotics Wait to vote. It is reported that Naoris Protocol aims to transform blockchain network security. (Silicon Angle) [2022/7/27 2:41:49]

The private key is stored offline and never connected to the Internet. CC EAL 6+ security chip, mnemonic backup to restore the wallet at any time. Physical button control confirmation, multiple security verifications for transactions. Support imToken, manage rich tokens and DApps. 2.3mm ultra-thin, Bluetooth wireless design, so that there is no limit to use. Enjoy regular software updates without replacing hardware.

NFT game My Master War announced that it has received strategic investment from Animoca Brands: On October 11th, the NFT game My Master War announced that it has received strategic investment from Animoca Brands. My Master War expressed the belief that Animoca Brands will be an important supporter and partner. (Market Watch) [2021/10/11 20:20:14]

Jimmy Song: The 50 BTC transfers were not transferred by Satoshi Nakamoto: Jinse Finance reported that in response to the previous news that 50 BTCs were transferred from a wallet suspected to be owned by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin core developer Jimmy Song published an article analysis on Medium Said that the transfer was not done by Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Song, bitcoins suspected to belong to Satoshi Nakamoto show that with each block being mined, additional nonce values are added. But block 3654 does not appear to have been mined by the same person as these blocks. Previously, CoinMetrics co-founder Nic Carter also said that Satoshi Nakamoto mined a specific set of blocks, and those blocks believed to be Satoshi Nakamoto mined had a specific pattern in the nonce, but block 3654 did not show same pattern. [2020/5/21]


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First release | National Blockchain Vulnerability Library "Blockchain Vulnerability Grading Rules" released

In order to further establish a unified and objective vulnerability rating system for the blockchain industry, establish a sound infrastructure for blockchain security.

First release | OKLink launched the function of "eye on the chain"

In recent years, the difficulty of anti-fraud has become higher and higher. The rapid development of financial technology has improved the universality of people's access to financial services. At the same time.

First release | SushiSwap imitation disk YUNO and KIMCHI smart contract loopholes or potential security risks

On August 31 and September 1, Beijing time, the CertiK security research team discovered that two Sushiswap imitation projects, YUNo Finance (YUNO) and (KIMCHI).

First release | OKEx Research: 6 major indicators to understand the real Bitcoin market

This article is contributed by OKEx Research and authorized by Jinse Finance for publication.Recently, according to the Glassnode statistical report.

First release | Explosion from 2,000 USD to 40,000 USD Flash loan arbitrage event analysis

Two thousand dollars soared 20 times in a blink of an eye. What kind of way to get rich is this?At 1:58 pm on August 10, Beijing time.

First release | Still counting down after hacking you? The ransom will be doubled after 2 days for missing the payment of 7.5 million USD in Monero

If China Mobile or Telecom is hacked one day, it will definitely become the modern version of the end of the world...Would your first reaction be that the network is gone, the signal is gone.