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Create a safe, fair and transparent global digital asset platform.

Bitwell, a digital asset derivatives service platform, is committed to creating a safe, fair and transparent global digital asset platform. Its founding members have a cross-industry background and have been deeply involved in the field of financial transactions on Wall Street. At the same time, they have many years of front-line practical experience in blockchain asset transactions.

Bitso Partners with Addem Capital to Provide Cryptocurrency Investment Tools in Latin America: Golden Finance News, Mexico-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitso announced a new partnership with Addem Capital, Bitso and Addem Capital to provide cryptocurrency investment tools in Latin America, support Customers make cryptocurrency payments.

It is reported that Addem Capital is a debt fund that provides financing options for startups and other companies. Bitso will receive cryptocurrency on behalf of Adem Capital and support conversion to fiat currency. ( [2022/6/7 4:08:20]

The genes of cross-industry integration have created a team that perfectly matches the blockchain asset trading industry.

Bitget Contract Big Data Center: The proportion of BTC contract loss-making users is high USD, among which: profitable users accounted for 35%, long positions made a profit of 18%, and short positions made a profit of 39%; loss-making users accounted for 65%, long positions lost 16%, and short positions lost 27%. In addition, the current price difference of the Bitget forward contract is about 0.5USDT, and the contract basis is about 0.2USDT. [2020/9/19]

News | Bithumb and BitMax cooperate to build blockchain infrastructure: According to news on February 19, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has established a strategic partnership with Singapore-based digital asset trading platform BitMax to jointly develop services and products. The two exchanges have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with them and will focus on driving global competition through collaborative services. (Flush) [2020/2/19]


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The leader of the digital asset derivatives platform BitWell "Heroes in Troubled Times" Jeff Young

In the flashy and turbulent currency circle, there is never a shortage of innovators. An endless stream of concepts and models are turning up and down in the currency circle.

Why did the booming DeFi market not drive up the price of Ethereum?

Over the past few weeks, DeFi-related tokens have stood out in a crowded market, with many gaining more than 100%.Although many people call DeFi a "bubble", DeFi is still rapidly gaining popularity.

Reddit launches Reddit Cash demo program, users can transfer funds through the Fuel side chain

Reddit today launched a demo of Reddit Cash to help users understand how to transfer money by using the Fuel sidechain.

Key indicators show that Bitcoin may experience a correction in the short term

Yesterday, Bitcoin made another unsuccessful attempt to break through $7,000 and is currently fluctuating around $6,600. However, since this week, Bitcoin has risen by 14.66%. What’s more.

YouTube’s cryptocurrency ban strikes again

In yet another round of censorship, YouTube removed two videos from two separate cryptocurrency channels.Cryptocurrency programmer Ivan tweeted that YouTube removed one of his videos on March 9. Technology analyst and.

Key indicators on the chain: retail investors are indeed accumulating BTC, but giant whales are also hoarding chips.

Over the past 12 months, a key on-chain metric may indicate that retail investors are continuing to accumulate Bitcoin.  Over the years.