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Hedge your crypto investment risk in a completely decentralized way.

Daxia provides you with a way to "long" or "short" any cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, even if you don't own the assets. Hedge your crypto investment risk in a completely decentralized way. Daxia is reshaping the derivatives trading model on Ethereum.

Announcement | Huobi Global and HADAX have suspended ETH deposits due to the upgrade of the Ethereum wallet: Huobi announced that due to the maintenance and upgrade of the Ethereum wallet, new users cannot obtain the deposit addresses of ETH and ERC20 for the time being, and cannot complete the deposit. The expected recovery time is 15:00 on July 18. If the recovery is earlier, we will notify you in an announcement. [2018/7/17]

Daxia has received funding from the Ethereum Foundation to develop and implement a short-term scaling solution, focusing on creating sidechains for DDA, which can be widely used by other Ethereum developers in the future. Its goal is to provide a truly distributed, peer-to-peer, tokenized derivatives contract.

Huobi HADAX will launch Portal (PORTAL) at 14:30 on April 23: Huobi HADAX will open Portal (PORTAL) deposit service at 14:30 on April 24, Beijing time. PORTAL/BTC and PORTAL/ETH trading will be opened on HADAX at 14:00 on April 25th. PORTAL withdrawal service will be opened at 14:30 on April 26. Portal aims to build a virtual reality ecosystem based on blockchain technology. [2018/4/24]

Huobi Pro announced the draft rules for the transfer of HADAX to Pro and the rules for delisted currencies: the rules for the transfer of projects from HADAX to Pro:

1. The daily average trading volume and the number of traders rank among the top five on HADAX

2. After the project has been reviewed, according to the SMARTChain score, it meets the standards of Pro's innovation zone or main zone

3. Transfer once a month

Pro and HADAX offline currency rules:

1. Project team disbanded

2. The project faces major legal issues

3. Due to strategic adjustment and development needs, the project operation team actively requested to go offline

4. Serious technical or security issues are not resolved in a timely manner

5. Seriously insufficient liquidity, the average daily trading volume for 30 consecutive trading days is less than 0.1MUSD or the average trading volume for 5 consecutive trading days is lower than 1000USD

6. Zero transactions for 5 consecutive trading days

7. Significant deviations in information disclosure

8. Sudden fork

9. Other matters that are not satisfied to continue the transaction

10. Huobi Global Pro and HADAX will issue a delisting announcement 5 days in advance of the project that decides to delist, and users have 30 days to withdraw the corresponding assets from the platform

Users can make optimization suggestions in one place, and once the suggestions are adopted, they may get HT rewards provided by Huobi. [2018/3/18]


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