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Bluehelixtrading platformdecentralized trading platform

Formerly known as BHex, an encrypted asset financial service provider.

Bluehelix is an encrypted asset financial service provider that provides financial-level encrypted asset transactions and asset management services through the independently developed decentralized Bluehelix custody clearing blockchain technology. Bluehelix, formerly known as BHex, was founded by Ju Jianhua in 2018. It has successively received joint investment from and OKCoin, the world's leading encrypted asset trading platforms, as well as 56 companies including Yintai Capital, Urban Real Estate, Meihua Venture Capital, Node Capital, and Genesis Capital. Well-known institutions jointly invest.

The total transaction volume of Blur in the NFT market exceeded 300,000 ETH: On December 12, according to Dune Analytics data, the transaction volume of Blur in the NFT market has exceeded 300,000 ETH, up to 303,968 ETH, which is close to 400 million US dollars based on the current price. In addition, the total number of transactions on the Blur platform has reached 885,602, including 58,552 independent buyers. [2022/12/12 21:39:22]

Blue Kirby, one of the largest supporters of, announced that he is about to withdraw from the project: Blue Kirby, one of the largest supporters of, recently announced that he is about to withdraw from the project. He left the project's core team just a few days ago, after Blue Kirby served as the project's head of community communications. On October 4, Blue Kirby announced that he was leaving "everything to do with YFI and yearn," and joked that he might come back another day to improve the project. He explained that he was doing this to protect his safety and privacy, as he had received threats related to the "Eminence" incident.

According to previous news, the game project Eminence (EMN) just launched by Andre Cronje, the founder of, suffered a "Flash Loan" attack, and hackers returned $8 million in funds to the yearn deployer contract. Officials are currently investigating the circumstances and will redistribute the $8 million that was compromised. In this regard, Cronje tweeted to explain the attack, saying that he received a message at around 3 am: 1. Nearly 15 million USD was deposited into the contract; 2. The entire 15 million USD was used by the attacker; 38 million USD has been sent to Andre Cronje The deployer account for . The exploit itself mints a lot of EMN on the curve, burns the EMN for another currency, then sells the tokens for EMN again. It is reported that EMN has issued a test contract and is independent of YFI. (CryptoSlate) [2020/10/6]

Voice | EOS CEO BrendanBlumer Weibo voice: EOS is not a currency: According to IMEOS reports, EOS CEO BrendanBlumer posted 5 consecutive Weibo today, expressing optimism. His Weibo account is BrendanBlumer, one of which said: EOS is not a currency, it is A rapidly evolving and competitive decentralized organization. [2018/7/29]

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