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The CoolWallet cold wallet that advocates security is safe, simple and lightweight.

The world's first hardware wallet product CoolWallet S designed for iPhone and Android system mobile devices, safe, simple and lightweight. Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and more. It is completely anonymous and does not require registration. It is also safe, private, and stylish. The EAL5+ and tamper-resistant security chip will return the control of encrypted digital currency to you.

CookFinance launched liquidity mining on June 4: According to official news, at 6:00 on June 4, CookFinance officially launched liquidity mining and provided multi-currency mortgage options. Users' Cook-wethLP tokens in UNISWAP, Cook-wethLP tokens in MDEX or Cook-wbnb tokens in Pancakeswap can be deposited into CookFinance's liquidity mining pool.

Cook Protocol has established a transparent and flexible asset management platform, and investors can see open and transparent data on the chain. At the same time, fund managers can use the Cook protocol to contact investors and implement any investment strategy without open-sourcing the strategy. [2021/6/4 23:10:30]

The 30-minute participation amount of WeStarter’s online project COOK is about 24.18 million USDT, which is more than 604.61 times completed: On March 31, the 30-minute participation amount of public exchange pool project COOK is about 24.18 million USDT, which is more than 604.61 times completed. COOK will be exchanged at 00:32 on April 1, SGT, users are requested to claim it immediately.

The COOK protocol aims to establish a general asset management service market based on the Ethereum public chain, provide diversified asset management services for ordinary investors, and provide professional investment tools and funds for fund managers. is an initial exchange project based on the Heco network. Through product innovation and sufficient industry resources, it can carry the capital and resource requirements of various types of assets and create a DeFi project accelerator. The platform supports the asset exchange of cross-chain assets, and continues to explore multi-field assets such as NFT, providing multiple distribution methods for developers and investors to choose from. [2021/4/1 19:34:36]

IOTA 2021 Roadmap: Coordicide is planned for the fourth quarter: On January 31, Dominik Schiener, co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, outlined the IOTA 2021 roadmap and pointed out the key role of smart contracts and tokenized assets. In the long run, the development of the protocol will be decentralized, and the IOTA Foundation will act as a think tank and lobby external institutions and governments. Additionally, foundations should serve as facilitators for the community, encouraging them to develop new business models.

The IOTA Foundation has clear priorities for each quarter in 2021: Q1 is Chrysalis, Q2 is tokenomics, Q3 is smart contracts, and Q4 is the release of Coordicide. However, the most important task is getting IOTA into production.

Another long-term goal is to build bridges to other communities, and smart contracts play a key role in this. In order to facilitate the growth of the IOTA ecosystem, the Foundation will be exclusively hiring new members in the coming months. According to Schiener, the IOTA Foundation expects to grow to 150-160 members from its current size of about 120 members. (Crypto News Flash) [2021/1/31 18:32:23]

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