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CoinFLEXtrading platform

The world's first physical delivery encrypted digital futures trading platform.

CoinFLEX is the world's first physically delivered encrypted digital futures trading platform, designed to provide retail investors with a way to hedge cryptocurrency risks with zero index or settlement manipulation. CoinFLEX also provides a sandbox test exchange environment for new users to practice placing, executing, canceling orders of various types and sizes.

Gitcoin will gradually shut down the existing cGrants platform and focus on building a new grant agreement Grants Protocol: On November 1st, Gitcoin stated that the community has passed a vote focused on building a new grant agreement Grants Protocol, that is, it will gradually shut down the existing cGrants platform and will focus on building out and transitioning to the new Grants Protocol. In addition to hosting the Gitcoin Grants Program, Grants Protocol will allow any community, ecosystem or individual to run their own grant rounds and will be able to create quadratic funding rounds out of the box. Gitcoin will conduct two rounds of Alpha testing from January 17-31, which will include a climate solutions round and a joint open-source software and Ethereum infrastructure round, each of which will involve sub-rounds of existing grantees. set (subset) to run together. [2022/11/1 12:05:02]

CoinFLEX was established in February 2018. It was originally a branch of Coinfloor, an old British bitcoin exchange, but it has been spun off from Coinfloor. It will soon launch cryptocurrency futures contracts such as Bitcoin, ETH, and BCH, which can provide up to 20 times leverage .

Thaicoin officially released Wallet 2.0 after receiving investment from the ALH Fund: According to official news, after Thaicoin (TAC) hired a new marketing consultant, the CEO shared the project plan in a video for the first time, which mentioned the planning of the game, NFT, ENS and metaverse land.

According to the latest news, the decentralized wallet 2.0, which serves as the entrance to the TAC Metaverse, has been released.

ENS transfer function can be realized. [2022/4/23 14:43:59]

News | Coinbase briefly unavailable from 4:45am: Coinbase's website and API were briefly inaccessible from 4:45am as the price of Bitcoin dropped by more than $1,700 in 15 minutes, Coindesk reported. At 5:17 Beijing time, the exchange's status page stated that "the fix has been implemented and the results are being monitored." [2019/6/27]

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