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Bitcoin derivatives trading platform.

Alpha5 Bitcoin's derivatives trading platform, unique all-in-one function, provides the best trading tools, has strong security, and is easy to use for traders of all levels. Its integrated functions include: portfolio margin, late-stage liquidity pool, futures swap, credit agency futures, European digital options, A5T token, etc.

Research: Samsung is the most active-ethexc in the field of encryption investment, and Google's parent company Alphabet has the largest single amount: September 19 news, according to the research company Blockdata's analysis of the 40 top companies in the period from September 2021 to mid-June 2022. Analyzing investments in crypto startups, South Korean electronics giant Samsung was the most active, investing in 13 companies. United Overseas Bank, which has invested in seven companies, is next, followed by two US financial services giants, Citigroup (six) and Goldman Sachs (five).

Among them, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, ranked first among the top companies participating in the largest financing round, and the highest round participated in financing of nearly 1.51 billion US dollars. ( [2022/9/19 7:06:11]

Alpaca Alpaca supports borrowing TUSD to mine WEX: According to official news, Alpaca.Finance announced that it supports users to borrow TUSD to mine WEX and enjoy additional ALPACA token benefits. TUSD is the third U.S. dollar stablecoin that has been fully launched on Alpaca.Finance after USDT and BUSD. It has launched TUSD-related liquidity mining pools (TUSD-BUSD) successively, and supports TUSD Lend and Stake functions. In addition, Alpaca has also reached a partnership with the TrueUSD team to jointly provide users of both parties with more leveraged income farming opportunities to create greater value.

TUSD is a US dollar stablecoin that is fully mortgaged and verified in real time on the chain, and is circulated in dozens of DeFi trading and lending platforms. TUSD is audited in real time by Armanino, one of the largest accounting companies in the United States, to ensure that the ratio of US dollar reserves to token circulation reaches 1:1, achieving 100% reserves. Users can obtain public audit results through the official website at any time. [2021/8/3 1:30:44]

BiKi platform will list ALPA on November 24: According to BiKi’s announcement, the platform will list ALPA at 12:00 (GMT+8) on November 24, and open the ALPA/USDT trading pair, and at 17:00 on November 23 (GMT+8) GMT+8) Open ALPA deposit and withdrawal service. In addition, the platform will hold ALPA Alpaca Week activities, recharge and transactions are polite, ALPA liquidity mining double rewards, a total of 54,000 ALPA rewards will be set up.

Alpaca City is a virtual city built on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides citizens with an open decentralized financial game platform by combining income farming and NFT. On the premise of setting a low asset threshold, the platform is committed to bringing users a different experience of mining and NFT cultivation through gamified income farming. [2020/11/23 21:46:31]


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