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Ballet Crypto

Ballet Crypto

Ballet Crypto

Simple, secure and reliable cryptographic hardware wallet.
Ballet Crypto

Ballet Crypto is the world's first multi-currency non-digital physical wallet with 100% offline storage. It has a companion mobile app to send cryptocurrencies, check market value, and activate other crypto assets.

The US SEC said in Ian Balina's indictment that all Ethereum is under its jurisdiction: On September 20th, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused cryptocurrency investor Ian Balina of participating in the promotion of the unregistered encrypted asset SPRK in 2018 One case was filed, but the crypto community found in the SEC complaint that the regulator believed all of Ethereum was within its jurisdiction.

In paragraph 69 of the indictment, the SEC states that the ETH sent to Ian Balina was verified by a network of nodes on the Ethereum blockchain, which are clustered more densely in the United States than in any other country, so these transactions are Occurring in the United States means that the regulator believes that there are more Ethereum validators operating in the United States than in any other country, so all Ethereum transactions in the world should be considered to originate in the United States, and the SEC has no restrictions on the Ethereum network. All activities on the website have jurisdiction.

Brian Fyre, a law professor at the University of Kentucky, said that this is the first time that the SEC has actually explained how it understands the operation of the ethereum ecosystem and why they believe that ethereum falls under the SEC's regulatory purview. According to Etherscan data, 45.85% of Ethereum nodes are currently from the United States, compared with only 19% in Germany, which ranks second. (decrypt) [2022/9/20 7:07:21]

The DeFi protocol Snowball on the Avalanche chain has a lock-up volume of $100 million: On September 17, the DeFi protocol Snowball on the Avalanche chain announced on Twitter that its TVL has reached $100 million. [2021/9/17 23:32:35]

Huobi will launch BAL, REN, MKR, IOST and JST perpetual contracts at 16:00 on August 19: According to the official announcement, Huobi Futures will launch BAL (Balancer) and REN (Republic Protocol) at 16:00 on August 19. ), MKR (Maker), IOST (IOST) and JST (JUST) perpetual contracts. [2020/8/18]

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Ballet Crypto
US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Likes Bitcoin? These 7 points can be proved.

United States presidential candidate Andrew Yang has proposed an overhaul of cryptocurrency regulation. In an interview with Bloomberg yesterday.