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Erik Torenberg

Erik Torenberg

Erik Torenberg

Co-founder and Partner of Village Global.
Erik Torenberg

Erik Torenberg, co-founder and partner of Village Global and co-founder and president of Token Daily, is both an investor and a community builder. The son of Israeli-Colombian immigrants, he has been committed to investing in ecosystems in and outside the United States.

Deribit: Will adjust the option exercise policy today: According to news on February 25, Deribit will adjust the option exercise policy today. Under the new policy, when the price fluctuation is high, the exercise interval will be extended, and when the price fluctuation is low, The interval will be shortened. [2021/2/25 17:50:44]

Cypherium officially launched its mainnet and released its first DeFi product, CypherSwap: at 12:00 on November 1, Beijing time (21:00 on October 31, U.S. Western Time), the enterprise-level blockchain Cypherium (CPH) officially launched its mainnet. The official Twitter of the project announced that after the launch of the mainnet, the first DeFi product released on the Cypherium public chain will be CypherSwap.

Cypherium is a blockchain network based on the mixed consensus mechanism of Proof of Work and HotStuff. The main network can instantly ledger and process real-time transactions for billions of users. At the same time, Cypherium is also a smart contract platform that can support enterprise-level business applications. CypherSwap will be the first DeFi infrastructure after the mainnet goes live.

It is worth mentioning that Cypherium is integrating its solutions into the new financial system of central bank digital currency (CBDC). Existing tools include CypherLink, a cross-ledger framework for notarization schemes, and Cypherium Connect, a third-party plug-in module for banking systems. ,: verification machine Cypherium Validator and decentralized identity verification system Cypherium ID. [2020/11/1 11:22:08]

Golden Salon | Eric Chen: A big part of what Cosmos does is cross-chain value exchange: In the Golden Salon held today, in response to the question of "What obstacles does data blockade bring to the development of the blockchain industry", the injective Protocol Co-founder and CEO Eric Chen said that we can look at it from two perspectives. One is the issue of data closure on the chain, which is what Cosmos is trying to solve. The other is off-chain or real-world data issues. In fact, Cosmos can also introduce a more credible and reliable oracle mechanism through a zone. In terms of data on the chain, we will find that most of the value conversion in many blockchain ecosystems is between chains. BTC-USD, the market with the highest transaction volume in the world, is a good example. The markets we look at now implement this kind of value conversion through centralized mechanisms such as exchanges, and of course we have learned blood lessons from the very beginning. A large part of the cross-chain technology that Cosmos can achieve is to focus on cross-chain value exchange, which is also a kind of data exchange. Of course, the powerful horizontal issuance of Cosmos itself also provides unlimited possibilities for the basic chain, and brings relief to the throughput bottleneck of the basic chain. In terms of off-chain data, we know that it has always been a pain point for Ethereum and multiple smart contract platforms. The oracle has since become the core module in the smart contract chain. However, with the introduction of cosmos, we will find that the burden of many oracle machines will be reduced. Recently, many oracle machines such as Chainlink and synthetix have also been attacked and out of control, resulting in losses to the huge DeFi ecosystem. I believe that soon there will be development teams taking advantage of the PoS instant finality brought by cosmos and tendermint to develop more decentralized and reliable oracles. [2020/4/29]

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Erik Torenberg
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