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JadePool, the featured service is the financial cipher machine.

JadePool, also known as Yaochi, was launched in 2018 and is an encrypted asset custody solution designed by NBLTrust for institutions to safely deposit and withdraw various encrypted assets. A hardware wallet must be equipped to ensure system security. Its featured service is the financial cipher machine, which can be used to generate and save seeds, derive private keys, and save private keys. In addition, Jadepool can also be connected with the hardware security module HSM developed by NBLTrust to establish a complete hosting system with higher security.

Midland International Education Group (METX.US) introduces Dogecoin reward mechanism: On March 30th, Midland International Education Group (METX.US) announced that the company has launched a blockchain technology strategic plan and will announce it immediately The Dogecoin reward mechanism is introduced on the platform for foreign teachers. Students can reward teachers based on their teaching performance, and teachers can also earn Dogecoin for performing teaching and research tasks posted on the company's platform. In addition, students can also earn Dogecoin by completing their studies and sharing knowledge on the platform. (Bloomberg) [2021/3/30 19:30:59]

News | Blockchain company "Yuhu" completes tens of millions of A-round financing Lianxing Capital acts as financial advisor: Recently, Shanghai Yuhu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuhu") completed tens of millions of A-round financing, investing The party is the Nanjing Yangtze Blockchain Equity Investment Fund initiated and established by Jiangsu Jinmao Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Yangzi State-owned Assets Investment Group Co., Ltd. Lianxing Capital acted as the financial advisor in this round of financing. This fund will be used to strengthen the alliance chain performance, innovative research and development of security and cross-chain technology, expand on-chain and off-chain asset (deposit and token) governance and transaction application scenarios, accelerate team upgrading and market brand promotion, etc.

Yuhu is a digital technology company based on blockchain and Internet of Things technology. It focuses on blockchain infrastructure, token assets and data asset services, and is committed to providing digital asset services for the Internet of Value. Prior to this, Yuhu had received tens of millions of financing from Hanli Capital. [2020/1/20]

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Cloud computing power Miningzoo suspiciously ran away, fake Ceyuan investment, excused the situation in the Middle East, and all "mines" were returned to 0

Wu said the blockchain exclusively learned that the cloud computing platform miningzoo is suspected of running away. The platform falsified a lot of information.

Golden Observation | 3-day countdown to halving: BTC stands above $10,000, is the bull market coming?

On May 8, 2020, Beijing time, Bitcoin regained its position above the 10,000 USDT integer after 79 days. As of press time, Bitcoin was quoted at 9917.36USDT, a 24-hour increase of 6.75%. At this point.