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Lauren Stephanian

Lauren Stephanian

Lauren Stephanian

Investment Associate at Pantera Capital.
Lauren Stephanian

Investment Associate at Pantera Capital. Lauren Stephanian joined in 2018 and focuses on venture capital and ICO funds. With a technical background, she earned a degree in Computer Science from Columbia University and started her career in software development with previous work experience in trading platforms, top banks, and venture capital.

WON launched on BWTokens launchpad today and the number of snap-ups exceeded 60,000: According to official news, WON officially logged into BWTokenslaunchpad at 15:00 Hong Kong time on October 10th today, and the number of online snap-ups exceeded 60,000. The total amount of WON within 5 minutes has been snapped up. The actual total subscription amount exceeds the limited amount by more than 4 times, and WON will officially launch BW on October 15 to start trading. WeBlock is committed to building a global intelligent blockchain acceleration service system. With the assistance of intelligent robots and extremely friendly user interaction, each project can enjoy an unprecedented service experience.

BW launched 23 popular projects in September, among which SATT increased by 540.21%, CREAM increased by 501.97%, UNI increased by 328.50%. SUN, PEARL, BRG, SWRV and other currencies all increased by more than 200%. See the official website for details. [2020/10/10]

The accelerator project Filecoin Launchpad is now open for applications until August 21: Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys, tweeted that the accelerator project Filecoin Launchpad powered by TachyonAccel is now open to applicants. We are excited about the integration of each other's ecosystems. If you are interested in building a distributed network with IPFS and Filecoin, please apply before August 21st.

Earlier news, Protocol Labs and ConsenSys Labs launched the Filecoin accelerator project Filecoin Launchpad, which is powered by Tachyon and will provide funding, one-on-one mentoring and programming to accelerate the adoption of Filecoin in the Ethereum and DeFi ecosystems and attract current investors. Web developers looking for integration with efficient pricing and geographically distributed storage networks. [2020/8/1]

News | Binance AMA revealed the progress of Launchpad. Some netizens said that Zhao Changpeng may have returned to mainland China: Binance founder Zhao Changpeng answered a lot of questions from netizens in today's AMA, including project screening, IEO and other topics. Changpeng Zhao clarified the rumors of re-verifying KYC. Accounts that do not provide KYC information will not be able to trade after 90 days, but they can still withdraw cash. Users in restricted regions cannot register either. Binance will not handle users' assets at will. Some netizens asked why there are no African projects. Changpeng Zhao replied that some projects incubated by Binance Labs are in Africa. But not all African projects will definitely be listed and traded on Binance Exchange, because not all incubated projects will be listed to maintain fairness with other projects. It is worth mentioning that during the live broadcast at noon today, Zhao Changpeng took a bottle of 380ml Nongfu Spring. Some netizens said in the live broadcast that he may be in mainland China now. According to him, the names of the next batch of Launchpad projects will be announced on Wednesday, and more details will be announced this week. [2019/6/18]

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Lauren Stephanian
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