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Caspiantrading platform

An institutional-level cryptocurrency trading platform that can connect to multiple trading platforms.

Caspian, an institutional-level cryptocurrency trading platform, can connect to multiple encrypted digital asset trading platforms. It was co-founded by Tora, the world's leading asset management technology provider, and Kenetic, allowing institutions and large investors to trade and manage themselves on multiple exchanges at the same time digital assets. It can solve the diversified investment needs of users.

Ethereum Dev: MITH Cash Token Contract Has Unlimited Minting Risk: Ethereum developer Roman Semenov tweeted that it looks like all MITH Cash tokens have an unverified owner contract that mints an unlimited amount tokens.

Technically, the token’s operator address is 0x024976ed0e0e166f5f9f7e696f456798441352fe, but it is fully controlled by its owner contract (0xc2395b979432d2c2125f357e46c4ec94baa6d35b) via the migration function. Now that the project is boasting a total locked value of $1 billion, the contract should be verified as soon as possible to ensure there are no backdoors. To clarify, this should not affect other tokens locked in the farming pool, only their own cash/share/bond tokens.

According to previous reports, despite the unaudited project contract, MITH Cash's total locked value (TVL) exceeded US$100 million within five minutes of launch, reached US$400 million within two hours, and then reached US$1 billion within 8.5 hours. It is reported that Mithril Cash is a stable currency with a new algorithm. [2020/12/31 16:09:23]

As a complete asset management platform, Caspian built three systems on the basis of its transaction management system, including the execution management system OEMS, the investment portfolio management system PMS and the risk management system RMS.

Blockchain company HashCash plans to help pharmaceutical companies keep clinical trial records through smart contracts: American blockchain company HashCash Consultants plans to expand its blockchain technology capabilities to a global pharmaceutical company to help the latter conduct clinical trials through smart contracts Safety record keeping. (Prweb)[2020/7/24]

Caspian's main goal is not to disrupt existing cryptocurrency exchanges, but to drive exponential growth in trading participation among institutional and sophisticated investors. In terms of facilitating crypto investments from large numbers of entrants, Caspian will help increase liquidity and volume in this segment.

News | Casper update may split the Ethereum community again: According to coincryptorama, London-based cryptocurrency investment firm CoinShares released a study on Ethereum today. The study argues that Casper updates may irritate community members who maintain the status quo. The report says Ethereum miners are unlikely to accept the Casper implementation. The Casper update could create cracks in the Ethereum community, and the move to PoS could cause chain splits at scale. [2018/10/27]

At present, it has completed docking with many exchanges in the world, including BitMEX, Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, OKEx and Huobi.

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