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Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol

Decentralized sharing economy platform.
Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol is a decentralized sharing economic protocol based on Ethereum and IPFS. Its goal is to truly realize peer-to-peer transactions on the blockchain, create a more open and equal platform market, and allow developers, users, and network contributors to become sharers of benefits.

Axie Infinity: The Android version of Origin is officially launched: On May 12th, the P2E blockchain game Axie Infinity posted on social media that the Android version of Axie Infinity Origin has been officially launched, and three entry-level Axies have been launched simultaneously, more Players will have the opportunity to fight, collect and trade their own digital pets.

In addition, Axie Infinity has also made improvements and bug fixes to the game, including reducing the game startup volume, and the divination function cannot be canceled. According to the latest data from DappRadar, so far Axie Infinity’s NFT sales have reached $4,069,052,537, with more than 16 million transactions. [2022/5/12 3:10:39]

As one of the earliest projects to explore in this field, Origin Protocol is composed of multiple protocols, including identity verification, data storage, incentive and management mechanisms, dispute governance, and more. Its protocol makes it easy to create and manage assets and services that partly use listings. Buyers and sellers can browse, publish, book and comment on each other.

Korean social media giant Cyworld created Ethereum-based token Dotori: South Korean social media giant Cyworld has created Ethereum-based token Dotori (Acorn), and plans to launch the "Cyworld 3.0" PC version next month, and the mobile version will be available at Launched in the first half of 2021. (CryptoNews) [2021/2/4 18:51:24]

Monero officially released CLI v0.17.1.0 version Oxygen Orion: Just now, Monero officially released a tweet announcing that it has officially released CLI v0.17.1.0 version Oxygen Orion. The changes in this version involve reducing the transaction timeout and repairing the inaccurate balance display that may be caused by wallet serialization. At the same time, the official reminded that Monero will undergo the next network upgrade on October 17, and stakeholders such as users, operators, and exchanges should prepare for running the v0.17 version. [2020/10/16]


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Origin Protocol
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