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Trade all major encrypted digital assets on one platform.

Quadency is a platform for crypto investors and traders that provides a single, secure and easy-to-use experience for trading, managing, and analyzing digital assets across multiple trading platforms. Cross-platform trading, personalized dashboards, real-time portfolio monitoring and more.

News | QuadrigaCX's bankruptcy proceedings have been moved from Halifax to Toronto: QuadrigaCX's bankruptcy proceedings have been moved from Halifax to Toronto after a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge approved EY to move the QuadrigaCX case to Toronto Fax (capital of Nova Scotia) moved out. (Betakit)[2019/9/11]

Quadency is led by an experienced team of industry professionals, engineers and digital strategists. Through an amazing community of feedback and support, it quickly evolved into a robust, professional-grade trading platform with an ambitious future product roadmap.

Voice | Cobra: Jack Dorsey’s Square crypto project deliberately caters to Bitcoin users: On April 10, Cobra, co-founder of and, accused Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Square crypto project of catering to Bitcoin users, while It is also implied that this crypto project is just a way for Dorsey to bring in more users to Cash App. [2019/4/11]

Voice | Jinqiu Blockchain Research Institute Hong Shuning: OP_CLTV can be used to solve the problem of losing the private key of the cold wallet of the QuadrigaCX exchange: Hong Shuning, the dean of the Jinqiu Blockchain Research Institute, issued an article stating that the accidental death of the CEO of the QuadrigaCX exchange and the loss of the private key of the cold wallet Dilemma, Bitcoin (including BCH and BSV) provides the CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY instruction (OP_CLTV) to solve the dilemma. The CEO only needs to transfer the funds from the cold wallet to the P2SH address of the script below. The 2 lines following OP_IF allow any two of the company's CFO, COO, and CTO to spend funds, but only after one year is packaged for this transaction. Even if they provide correct signatures within one year, the transfer cannot be completed. This prevents them from colluding to transfer funds without the consent of the CEO and protects the safety of cold wallet funds. Under normal circumstances, the CEO can spend the funds at this address at any time. In case the CEO dies unexpectedly, one year after the transaction is packaged, the company's CFO, COO, and CTO can use 2-of-3 multi-signatures to transfer the funds out. In other words, the funds in the cold wallet can be used normally after waiting for a maximum of one year, and customers only need to wait for a period of time without actual loss of funds. What the CEO needs to do is to re-transfer the funds to a new P2SH address every other year. The content-ethexc of the script is the same as that shown in the above code, just modify the expiration time. [2019/2/4]


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