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Swiss cryptocurrency banking startup.

SEBA wants to create a gateway for financial investors, enhancing the liquidity of assets between crypto and traditional financial markets. SEBA's goal is to become the world's first general-purpose, fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency services bank, offering industry-leading cryptocurrency asset financial product services. SEBA is in the process of applying to FINMA for a Swiss Banking and Securities Dealer License which will allow us to provide full banking services to institutional, corporate and individual clients.

Digital asset bank SEBA Bank plans to more than double the number of employees in Asia: News on July 25 Despite the recent plunge in encrypted asset prices, the online bank focused on digital assets, backed by Julius Baer Group Ltd. SEBA Bank AG plans to more than double its Asian workforce.

The bank is looking to increase the number of staff in Hong Kong and Singapore to more than 20 from about seven currently, and add staff to its legal, compliance and relationship managers. SEBA is looking to secure licenses at both locations, said Eugene Sun, director of corporate development for SEBA Asia.

It is reported that earlier this year, SEBA Bank received 110 million Swiss francs (approximately US$119 million) in financing, with Julius Baer and DeFi Technologies participating. (Bloomberg) [2022/7/25 2:36:01]

Sebastian, CEO of The best way to invest in the eve of the launch of the IPFS mainnet is to buy and mine in the secondary market: the theme of "IPFS storage storm, cloud computing power and secondary In the AMA of the live show "The Triumph of the Market", Sebastian, CEO of, said that on the eve of the upcoming launch of the IPFS mainnet, the best way for ordinary investors to seize the dividends of IPFS is to buy in the secondary market and mine in the mining market. Investors who buy in the secondary market need to bear the premium cost brought about by the positive sentiment, and the risk is relatively high. To participate in the mining of the Filecoin project is to purchase mining machines through professional mining machine companies and conduct managed mining, or purchase cloud computing power for mining. Investors' income is relatively stable. [2020/6/29]

Swiss Cryptocurrency Bank SEBA Launches Income-Providing Bitcoin Structured Product: Swiss cryptocurrency bank SEBA has launched a new Bitcoin structured product that will allow investors to earn income. Dubbed a "dual currency certificate," the product is pegged to the bitcoin/dollar exchange rate. It is issued at a discount to the current price of Bitcoin (the underlying instrument) relative to the U.S. dollar. Investors will receive a yield of up to 3.23% if the product has a maturity of three weeks and the price of Bitcoin is equal to or greater than the strike price, SEBA said. Investors could lose their entire investment if the price of bitcoin falls at expiration, the firm added. "This structured product should be considered a held-to-maturity investment, and even if the performance of the underlying product is stable or positive, the price of the product may be lower than the issue price during the tenor," the bank said. SEBA added that the product is aimed at investors with a "moderately positive" view on bitcoin. Additionally, the product is offered publicly in Switzerland and is also available through private placements in other countries, but not in the US, UK, and other restricted countries. (The Block)[2020/6/24]


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