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A simple, fast, and secure blockchain platform that can quickly deploy enterprise-level decentralized applications such as digital assets and smart contracts.

Achain's unique authorized equity proof RDPoS distributed consensus mechanism realizes Turing's complete smart contract virtual machine with independent intellectual property rights. The transaction performance on the chain is as high as 1000TPS. It is a simple, fast and safe blockchain platform. Users Achain can be used to quickly deploy enterprise-level decentralized applications such as digital assets and smart contracts.

Nacho, founder of JGN: Metaverse + DeFi is the future development direction of blockchain: According to official news, Nacho, founder of JGN, shared decentralized technology, NFT and JGN's upcoming development in Binance Smart Chain "Learn and Earn" event Metaverse game, and said that Metaverse + DeFi is the future development direction of the blockchain market.

It is reported that JGN has received investment from many well-known funds such as Softbank UK, Goldman Sachs Canada, and LD Capital, as well as official investment from Binance BSC Fund. Its subsidiary JGNnft is an NFT exchange focused on the BSC community, and has reached in-depth cooperation with many well-known artists in the industry. [2021/9/28 17:10:48]

The services offered at Achain allow developers to provide customized chains for their specific needs, in addition to helping them issue tokens and smart contracts. Achain already supports 9 DApps, including blockchain-based games CryptoDogs, SelfSell, etc.

Analysis | Dow Jones Market Watch: The digital currency payment system ACH may become a "new weapon" to deal with US economic sanctions: Ostrich Blockchain News on October 5th, Dow Jones Market Watch published an article stating that the Gulf region represented by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates If the petro-states can take the lead in popularizing the use of digital currency, they will be able to have more initiative when the world structure is reshuffled. It spends a lot of money in scientific research and construction, and brings new productivity through technology. In addition, in the field of digital currency, QFPay, a strategic partner of ACH (Alchemy), will reach a cooperation with the UAE as the leader and several major countries. In the future, offline payment will drive the development of digital currency. Get rid of the bondage of the dollar through the popularization of digital currency.

QFPay, a strategic partner of ACH (Alchemy), has more than 1.2 million merchants around the world. At present, it has been legally paid in more than a dozen countries including the United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand, and has received investment support from local governments and giants. [2019/10/5]

Achain has provided a mechanism for zero-cost simulation testing of smart contracts from the beginning of its design. Users can test the full path under a complete testing framework, so as to avoid the loopholes of the smart contract itself to the greatest extent, and all of this does not require users to consume tokens. Different from other testing solutions, this solution enables smart contracts to be tested on the official public chain, thus providing a complete testing framework that is closer to the real environment than the test chain solution.

India's National Institute for Change Institute launches blockchain technology-driven platform IndiaChain: According to CCN, citing local Indian media sources, India's main policy research institution and think tank, the National Institute for Change Research of India (NITI Aayog), is preparing to launch a platform called "IndiaChain". A large-scale blockchain project that will be deployed as an interoperable platform that supports private developers and companies to build applications driven by blockchain technology in the public domain. [2018/6/21]

Achain emphasizes the efficiency of smart contracts. Starting from the tuning of the virtual machine, the contract call can be close to the performance of ordinary transactions to the greatest extent. At the same time, Achain has designed an upgradeable smart contract to make up for the failure to find bugs in the contract with limited and supervised authority. Its modular design enables configurable encryption algorithms and replaceable formula modules to be combined arbitrarily, flexibly responding to possible changes in the needs of enterprises, and preventing congestion to the greatest extent.


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