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Tenfold Protocol

Tenfold Protocol

Tenfold ProtocolEthereumexpansion

A Layer 2 expansion solution designed for "consumer-level" blockchain applications.
Tenfold Protocol

Tenfold Protocol, Tenfold Protocol, is a new expansion solution released by the blockchain start-up Binary Mint, which is used to safely maintain an off-chain state machine while being able to read its state on the chain. Tenfold allows developers to use any programming language to build large-scale and complex blockchain applications, and is compatible with any blockchain that supports smart contracts, including Ethereum and a new generation of performance-focused public chains.

Ethereum public test network Ropsten will undergo PoS merger in early June: Golden Finance News, Ethereum’s main public test network Ropsten will undergo a proof-of-stake (PoS) merger in early June, which means that the Ethereum main blockchain can switch to proof-of-stake One of the final preparations before consensus, a test merge of the current proof-of-work chain with the new proof-of-stake chain, is expected to take place on June 8.

Anthony Sassano, co-founder of ethereum research tool EthHub, estimated that the merger on the mainnet could happen as early as August, but has yet to provide an official timeline. (THE BLOCK)[2022/5/19 3:26:44]

Currently, Tenfold has been deployed on the blockchain fighting game Hyper Dragons. After deploying Tenfold, the new version of Cloud Doulong will greatly improve its performance and game experience, and at the same time, the fuel cost will be greatly reduced.

Polkadot’s ecological project LIT (Litentry) will be listed on BiKi at 20:00 on February 4: According to BiKi’s announcement, the platform will open the LID/USDT trading pair at 20:00 on February 4 (GMT+8), and deposits are now open , and will open for withdrawal at 12:00 (GMT+8) on February 5th.

To celebrate the launch of the Polkadot ecological project LIT, the LIT liquidity mining activity will be launched. Users can open the LIT/USDT grid transaction through the APP or PC, and if they meet the conditions, they can obtain the double income of grid + liquidity mining, one-click double mining .

Litentry is a multi-network-based decentralized identity aggregation protocol with a decentralized identity (DID) indexing mechanism and a Substrate-based credit computing network. The goal of Litentry is to help decentralize identity aggregation, verification, and credit calculation. [2021/2/4 18:55:28]

Tenfold founder Derek Chiang Jiang Enchi pointed out that Tenfold is a Layer 2 expansion solution specially designed for "consumer-level" blockchain applications. "Consumer level" refers to blockchain applications that require many users to use at the same time, such as games, social networking platforms, instant messaging platforms, etc.

CFTC Encryption-Friendly Commissioner Brian Quintenz Will Stay On: Jinse Finance reported that the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Encryption-friendly Commissioner Brian Quintenz will continue to serve after October 31. According to previous news, Brian Quintenz's five-year statutory term ended in April this year and he plans to leave in October. [2020/10/7]

As a Layer 2 solution, Tenfold and Layer 1 expansion solutions complement each other, and each promotes the performance improvement of the blockchain from different angles.

Layer1 expansion solutions often have limitations such as long R&D cycles, slow update iterations, and difficulty in reaching consensus on upgrade iterations, and are often only applicable to their independent public chain ecology, lacking versatility. This is why many people tend to build expansion solutions on Layer 2, which can do more flexible operations and designs, complete rapid iteration without affecting Layer 1, and make it easier to land and put it on the market. Of course, these two layers of solutions are not mutually exclusive, but complementary.

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Tenfold Protocol
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