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Moloch DAO

Moloch DAO

Enabling voting, membership, governance.
Moloch DAO

The goal of Moloch DAO is to contribute to the Ethereum infrastructure and solve public problems in the open source development of the ecosystem. Moloch enables voting, membership, governance, and its code is a coordination mechanism. The Moloch DAO contract was deployed on February 14th, Valentine's Day. More than 20 founding members have been called to Moloch, each donating 100ETH, and it is now open to the wider community. You need to provide some funding or provide work that fits Moloch's goals.

SeattleMint completes $16 million in Series A financing, co-led by Molten Ventures and OTB: On October 17, SeattleMint, a provider of blockchain platform-as-a-service solutions, announced the completion of $16 million in Series A financing, co-led by Molten Ventures and OTB Voted, Medici Ventures, Fujitsu Ventures, Allusion and Bloccelerate participated. The financing will be used for platform improvements to meet customer requirements by further strengthening its low-code offerings, strengthening its presence in Europe, MEA, India, and Singapore, and accelerating expansion into the Japanese market.

It is reported that SettleMint is a low-code platform for blockchain application development, enabling engineering teams to build, integrate and launch applications on web3 infrastructure. SettleMint provides deployment environments, development, middleware environments, and integration studios, all available over the Internet. (finsmes) [2022/10/17 17:28:44]

Vitalik Buterin commented that Moloch DAO is a community-driven effort to maintain, develop and improve the atmosphere of the Ethereum community.

Anmol Network completes USD 1 million seed round financing, led by AU21 Capital: Golden Finance News, Web3 infrastructure startup Anmol Network completes USD 1 million seed round financing, led by AU21 Capital, MEXC Global Exchange, YBB Foundation, Lotus Capital, Danish Chaudhry, HG Ventures, Rob Hanneman and others participated in the investment. [2022/6/3 4:00:50]

News| MetaCartel forked MolochDAO and launched a new Ethereum application funding agreement: According to news from the chain, MetaCartel, a technology exchange group in the Ethereum community, announced the fork of MolochDAO, a new governance protocol based on Ethereum, and launched MetaCartelDAO, hoping to explore smart contracts and new In the way of community governance, financial support is provided to the development teams of application layer products in the Ethereum ecosystem. MetaCartelDAO stated that it will provide funding to the development team of the application layer product based on the usage status of the end user of the DApp (such as income, user retention, product growth, etc.). Encourage development teams to share data and experience with other teams. MetaCartelDAO will be forked from the new governance protocol MolochDAO. MolochDAO is an open-source community governance protocol initiated by SpankChain CEO Ameen Soleimani. The goal is to provide financial support for the Ethereum infrastructure. The protocol can make voting, membership, governance possible, and the code is the coordination mechanism. Lianwen previously reported that MolochDAO has currently received a total of nearly 700,000 US dollars in financial support, of which Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, and Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys, each provided 1,000 ETH for the project. In addition, ConsenSys and the Ethereum Foundation The association also provided 2,000 ETH funding to the agreement. [2019/5/12]


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Moloch DAO
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