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Trusted hardware + graph computing builds a trusted computing ecosystem.

Trusted hardware + graph computing builds a trusted computing ecosystem. Trusted hardware is one of the important foundations of trusted computing. Based on trusted hardware, a trusted execution environment (Trusted Execution Environment) can be built on the device. Related technologies include TPM, which has become an international standard, and SGX developed by Intel.

BendDAO and Matrixport reached a cooperation to inject more ETH liquidity into NFT: On April 28, BendDAO, the first point-to-pool blue-chip NFT mortgage lending agreement, reached a cooperation with Matrixport to jointly explore the combination of DeFi and NFT and introduce high-quality Blue-chip NFT assets are mortgaged and capture high ETH returns. This cooperation will help promote the development of NFT finance and enrich NFT application scenarios. Both parties reached a consensus that the asset size of NFT will approach or even exceed the asset size of ERC20 in the near future. [2022/4/28 2:37:57]

The underlying network Leviatom envisaged by TRIAS is a decentralized node monitoring network for TEE + graph computing, allowing nodes to continuously monitor and update adjacent nodes. Once the status of the broadcast changes, other nodes can quickly know. A node is monitored by more nodes, which means that its credibility is higher.

Coin Metrics Researcher: Ethereum’s Circulating Supply Calculation Process Is Too Complicated: Lucas Nuzzi, a researcher at crypto analytics firm Coin Metrics, said recently that the debate over Ethereum’s circulating supply is cognitive dissonance, highlighted by the crypto community or parts of it blindly defending the debate defect. In short, backers failed to adhere to the core tenets of the ecosystem, defending their projects at all costs.

Nuzzi noted that the calculation process itself is quite tedious since ethereum blocks are appended to its blockchain every 15 seconds via uncle blocks. Nuzzi advises users to contact their local Geth maintainers to prioritize building remote procedure call (RPC) subroutines that use a single method to calculate ETH supply, in an effort to preserve the transparency and open spirit of the cryptocurrency, while also preventing its eventual collapse. use. (AMBcrypto)[2020/8/16]

Ruan Anbang, founder of TRIAS, believes that trusted computing can solve the trust problem between public chain nodes. Leviatom network support needs to support multiple TEE technologies. One is to prevent a certain brand and manufacturer from monopolizing the network; the other is to prevent the entire network from being affected once a certain chip has a vulnerability. The graph computing algorithm it uses comes from a series of papers published by Ruan Anbang since 2011 on how to effectively establish a decentralized trust relationship in the cloud, similar to the Hashgraph technology proposed by the Swirlds team, through the Gossip network and virtual voting Virtual Voting Strategies achieve consensus faster.

The number of registered users of the global travel accommodation blockchain Tripio has approached 200,000: the global travel accommodation blockchain Tripio (TRIO) announced that as of March 13, the number of registered users has reached 198,736, and there are more than 20,189 hotels, Application for occupancy of B&Bs and apartments. At the same time, more than 11,000 fans joined Tripio's telegram community. The current global average price of TRIO is US$0.0128, a decrease of -5.19%. [2018/3/13]

The trusted computing platform built by TRIAS can be used to run smart contracts or execute arbitrary programs. Its layer2 network is equivalent to the off-chain environment responsible for contract execution. The core of Leviatom lies in the trusted ranking of nodes formed by it. Based on this, there may be many things that can be done. It can allow some of the highest ranked nodes to build a public chain, allowing developers to deploy DApps on it, and even EOS can be generated directly from this network 21 supernodes.


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