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DockSubstratedata storage

Dedicated decentralized data exchange protocol.
Dock protocol is a dedicated decentralized data exchange protocol. The protocol is designed to incentivize the exchange of work experience, reviews, and professional connections, and can be extended to include any type of shareable data. Additionally, the token serves as a proposal and voting utility to guide the evolution and changes of the protocol. All token holders can submit proposals and vote on the changes and updates they wish to implement. Apps receive tokens for data exchange. Users have absolute control over their data by using hosted third-party services.

P2E game WonderHero attacker transferred 745BNB to TornadoCash: On April 7th, according to PeckShieldAlert’s tweet, the P2E game WonderHero attacker transferred 745BNB to TornadoCash. [2022/4/7 14:10:27]

The blockchain platform Klaytn announced that it has open sourced "Klaytn Docs": On March 21st, Klaytn, a public blockchain platform owned by South Korean technology giant Kakao, announced that it has open sourced "Klaytn Docs", including the history, vision, and key points of Klaytn. Concepts, technical notes, explanations, tutorials, and more, and users can also contribute content-ethexc to the English version through GitHub. [2022/3/21 14:08:18]

ZG.COM will launch DOCK, OAX, and KEY on February 2: According to the official announcement, ZG.COM’s main board area will soon launch DOCK, OAX, and KEY. At present, both deposit and withdrawal services have been opened. At the same time, DOCK/USDT, OAX/BTC, and KEY/USDT trading pairs will be opened at 14:00 on February 2. [2021/2/1 18:37:04]

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