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DAG-based general smart contract programming platform and blockchain operating system.

Nerthus is a general-purpose blockchain programming platform based on DAG technology, a decentralized distributed blockchain operating system, and a built-in Turing-complete programming language that users can use to construct and define their own various features. Develop your own application and blockchain system, you can issue your own currency.

Chengdu Lianan: WienerDogeToken encountered flash loan attack event analysis: According to the security public opinion monitoring data of Chengdu Lianan's "Chain Bing-Blockchain Security Situational Awareness Platform", WienerDogeToken suffered a flash loan attack. The security team of Chengdu Lianan made a brief analysis of this incident, and the analysis results are as follows: The attacker borrowed 2,900 BNB through flash loan, exchanged 5,974,259,851,654 WDOGE tokens from the transaction pair of WDOGE and BNB, and then resold 4,979,446,261,701 tokens The trading pair is transferred. At this time, the attacker calls the skim function again to extract the excess WDOGE tokens in the transaction pair. Due to the deflationary nature of the tokens, 199,177,850,468 tokens were burned while the transaction pair was transferring to the attack address. At this time, the k value of the transaction pair has been destroyed, and the attacker used the remaining WDOGE tokens to successfully swap out 2,978 BNB in the transaction pair, and transferred the 78 BNB that made a profit to the profit address.

In this attack, the attacker took advantage of the deflationary nature of tokens, causing the trading pair to burn a part of the trading pair’s tokens during the skim process, destroying the calculation of the k value. The security team of Chengdu Lianan recommends that it is best to conduct a security audit before the project goes online. When deflationary tokens interact with transaction pairs, try to add transaction pairs to exceptions for handling fees. [2022/4/26 5:11:33]

Its underlying data structure adopts the unit + DAG structure, and has improved the blockchain. There is no centralized operation of bookkeepers packing blocks, and it fundamentally solves various problems brought about by the traditional block + chain structure from the bottom layer. kind of problem.

Miner R, head of Coinhub’s Asia-Pacific region: the wallet may become the entrance to the Metaverse world: According to official sources, Miner R, the head of Coinhub’s Asia-Pacific region, said at the Metaverse Roundtable AMA event that for wallets, the biggest opportunity brought by the Metaverse is The future digital identities and assets that users need to enter the Metaverse need to be managed with the help of wallets, which may become the entrance to the Metaverse world. Therefore, in the future, Coinhub will use its multi-chain ecology linked to 20+ popular public chains to continue to explore and advance the layout of the entrance to the Metaverse world, and will expand more support functions related to the Metaverse, NFT and Gamefi. [2021/11/11 21:43:52]

Decentralize more completely. The traditional block + chain structure requires a quasi-centralized operation, that is, a bookkeeper is required to verify all current transactions, package them into a block, and then publish them to the network. The Nerthus system uses a unit + DAG structure without the concept of blocks. All units are created and published by users themselves. Its verification and validation are undertaken by the descendant unit that references it as the predecessor unit.

Nervos Network releases 3 development tools to provide more convenience for CKB developers: On July 1, Nervos announced the launch of three new tools Capsule, Lumos, and Polyjuice, aiming to provide maximum empowerment for CKB developers, better in Nervos complete the development work. Capsule provides a solution for building CKB scripts using the Rust programming language. Lumo provides a JavaScript/TypeScript-based framework designed on top of CKB, which can greatly speed up the development of DApps. Polyjuice is an Ethereum compatibility layer on top of Nervos CKB, which fully demonstrates the feasibility of applying Account Model on Nervos CKB. [2020/7/1]

No throughput bottlenecks. There is no centralized operation of bookkeepers packaging blocks, and there is no concept of blocks. Units are created and published by users, and verified and confirmed by other units. Thus there is no throughput bottleneck.

Clearly predictable finality. Through the witness mechanism, as long as it is verified and confirmed by the witness unit issued by the witness, it is final and cannot be overturned.

Optional transaction confirmation speed. As long as it is verified and confirmed by the witness unit issued by the witness, it is final. Witnesses release witness blocks into five levels: Urgent, Urgent, Fast, Normal, and Slow. The user can choose the transaction confirmation speed according to his needs.

Out-of-chain data docking, verification, and consensus mechanisms have greatly expanded the application fields and application scenarios of smart contracts.


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