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Scenario applications for specific purposes.

MONOECI is a public blockchain that is oriented to specific purposes and can be truly landed. Its goal is to become the core of daily transactions in the embedded scenario of MONOECI. They simplify blockchain technology to the transfer of value while ensuring user autonomy, security and speed.

The database company MongoDB was attacked by a network, and hackers demanded bitcoin ransom: Jinse Finance reported that the cross-platform database company MongoDB suffered a network attack, and hackers infiltrated 22,900 unsafe databases by erasing their contents. The gang has since demanded payment in bitcoins in exchange for data backups. According to cybersecurity firm ESET's WeLiveSecurity, the gang threatened to notify authorities responsible for enforcing the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if the ransom wasn't paid within two days. A report published by ZDNet explained that the databases compromised in the attack accounted for almost 47% of all MongoDB databases. The hackers demanded 0.015 BTC (approximately $140) per database, bringing the total amount requested to over $3.2 million. [2020/7/3]

Voice | Btcmoney analyst: BTC reached a new low last night, and some funds began to invest in mainstream currencies: according to monitoring, as of 10:00 today, the global currency index reported 1283 points, an increase of 15.31% from yesterday’s highest point; yesterday In the evening, BTC hit a new low again, reaching 3220 points, but then a small wave of funds entered, and now it has rebounded to around 3450 points, and other mainstream currencies have also rebounded accordingly. The top three capital inflows are BTC, EOS and XRP, according to btcmoney analysts The current trend is still unclear, but judging from the data, for mainstream currencies, some funds have begun to invest and build positions. [2018/12/8]

Japan's FISCO cryptocurrency exchange issued an announcement in response to the REORG of MonaCoin: Japan's FISCO cryptocurrency exchange issued an announcement on the 21st that due to the REORG of MonaCoin, the exchange will increase the recharge time of MonaCoin number of confirmations. It takes about 150 minutes to recharge. [2018/5/22]


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