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Verify the existence, authenticity and ownership of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

0xcert is used to verify the existence, authenticity and ownership of unique digital assets on the blockchain.

0xcert is an open-source protocol that converts a digital or real-world asset into a non-fungible token NFTs Blockchain provides unique proof of ownership with a set of on-chain and Off-chain rules. Its mission is to provide application developers with a secure blockchain-agnostic platform, powerful tools and community to manage non-fungible tokens. 0xcert is a pluggable solution with an advanced integration layer for different DApps, relay applications. This enables developers to focus on the application layer and quickly build applications for issuing university certificates, KYC, loyalty program applications, guarantees, badges, points, and even decentralized non-fungible exchanges.

GameStop chooses 0x protocol API to provide support for DEX transactions in its digital asset wallet: On July 10th, gameStop, a retailer of video games and related products, uses 0x protocol API to access multi-chain flows in order to support DEX transactions in its self-hosted wallet to provide a seamless trading experience for its users. [2022/7/10 2:03:05]

Create, own and verify unique assets on the blockchain using 0xcert, the first open protocol built to support the future of digital assets, backed by non-fungible tokens. The 0xcert protocol provides tools for building powerful applications designed to easily authenticate and manage digital or real-world physical assets on the blockchain. In addition to general functions for transferring and managing standard non-fungible tokens, the 0xcert protocol provides another layer of conventions for creating certifiable non-fungible tokens for unique assets. These tokens are called xcerts and are created through a custom minting process. Xcerts represent opinionated non-fungible tokens that also retain an imprint of the asset. Through the 0xcert protocol, the existence, authenticity and ownership of these digital assets can be verified without the involvement of third parties.

According to the inspection, it is a common address, and it is speculated that it may be a diversion of funds. According to previous news, on November 26, Sun Yuchen's address transferred 340,200 ETH and 7021 BTC to the a132 address. [2021/12/20 7:51:17]

Non-fungile tokens, NFT non-homogeneous tokens cannot be replaced by another non-fungile token of the same type. If you lend a token to someone, expect that person to give you back the same token, not another token of the same type.

0xHabitat’s Gnosis Safe multi-sig was attacked, and the team’s funds were stolen about 1.4 million HBT: On December 4, 0xHabitat’s Gnosis Safe multi-sig, which is committed to using Optimistic Rollup technology to increase the scale of DAO, was attacked, and the team’s funds were stolen. Ten thousand HBTs. LP needs to withdraw SLP HBT-ETH tokens, and HBT token holders are advised to withdraw funds from rollup. The official stated that the current HBT tokens are likely to be replaced by new tokens, and a snapshot will be taken before the attack on December 01, 2021. [2021/12/4 12:50:39]

Based on the Ethereum ERC-721 standard, each token is unique and different from all other tokens of the same type.

0xcert aims to provide an open protocol for non-fungible tokens to a wider technical audience. With its help, it is possible to significantly reduce development time, reduce risks and reduce costs associated with developing blockchain solutions. Can support a wide range of decentralized application DApps and business models, enabling enterprises to fully utilize the potential of blockchain technology.


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