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NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol

NEAR ProtocolCoinbaseprotocolNEAR

A highly scalable PoS public chain using sharding technology.
NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol is a highly scalable base protocol, ensuring that it is fast enough to support DApps on mobile devices.

NEAR Protocol allows developers to build mobile blockchain DApps and run them locally on the user's machine, while providing developers with important information about DApps. Through state sharding, the blockchain is allowed to scale linearly with the number of nodes in the network, with the goal of 100k TPS based on 1 million mobile nodes.

STEPN: Users who open a double-jump Sneaker will get APE Sneaker in Realm 3: According to official news, STEPN released the latest event. Get the APE Sneaker in the upcoming Realm 3.

The event will end 24 hours before the launch of Realm 3 (the specific time will be announced on July 1). Users who have purchased or sold double-enhanced Sneakers are not eligible to receive APE Sneakers. [2022/6/26 1:32:20]

NEAR Protocol aims to create a fully sharded, scalable PoS blockchain. The team has released some of the world's only implementations of large-scale sharding systems. At the same time, the team is redesigning every component of the protocol, from the network to the consensus, decomposing state and execution into a client-friendly way of working.

Octopus network ecological chain game Atocha Protocol won a Near Grant worth 50,000 US dollars: On February 10, the future star of Octopus - application chain game Atocha Protocol won a Near Grant worth 50,000 US dollars. Octopus Accelerator's first 5 future stars of Octopus - AtochaProtocol, Discovol, FusotaoProtocol, PNS, Web3Go.

Not only has he received bonus support from the Octopus Accelerator, but he has also attracted much attention in the NEAR ecosystem: both Fusotao and Atocha have won Near Grant, and Web3go is also applying for Grant. Octopus Accelerator 2022 Spring Entrepreneurship Camp registration is underway. Substrate-based application-oriented blockchains from all over the world are welcome to join Octopus Network. Octopus Network and NEAR will continue to support excellent application chains to build a more open, fairer and safer Next Generation Internet - Web3.0. [2022/2/10 9:43:03]

The team was originally transformed from by Alexander Skidanov and Illia Polosukhin, including 3 ICPC gold medalists, 3 early members of MemSQL who built shards for distributed databases, and 4 members of Xooglers who built large-scale distributed systems.

NEAR will be listed on Coinbase MXC Matcha NEAR3L rose 106.42% in 24 hours: NEAR will be listed on Coinbase. Affected by the news, MXC Matcha Leveraged ETF NEAR3L rose 106.42% in 24 hours to 0.225 USDT. NEAR spot rose 35.73% to 1.426 USDT. Data shows that MXC was launched on NEAR on October 14 this year, and supports currency, leverage, ETF, contracts and other transaction types. [2020/12/21 15:55:34]

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NEAR Protocol
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