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The global Oracle marketplace and ecosystem.

Delphi Systems' goal is to build a global oracle market and ecosystem to unlock the true power of the blockchain.

Social trading platform Tradelize completes seed round of financing at a valuation of US$13 million, NGC Venture and others participated in the investment: News on February 10, social trading platform Tradelize completed a seed round of financing at a valuation of US$13 million, NGC Venture, Digital Strategies, Crypto Venture Capital, Consensus Labs, CoinW, NFV, JL Capital, 7 O'Clock Capital, CatcherVC, Mint Ventures, Cryptomeria Capital, Redline Capital and Kirin Fund participated. Tradelize plans to use the funds from this round of financing to expand the size of the team over the next 12 months. The company also plans to build DEX replica trading tools to make decentralized exchanges part of the ecosystem, market and users.

It is reported that Tradelize, founded by former Wall Street trader Anton Zapolskyi in 2018, is a professional cryptocurrency trading terminal for advanced traders (Bloomberg in the encryption world). In 2021, Tradelize’s transaction volume reached $140 million. (cointelegraph) [2022/2/10 9:42:02]

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Delta Exchange launched Solana and Cardano options trading: Golden Finance reported that the cryptocurrency derivatives platform Delta Exchange announced on Wednesday that it has launched options trading on Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA), providing investors with A new way to get altcoins. Initially launched SOL and ADA call and put options will be daily expiry options, with weekly and monthly expiry options available at a later date. Delta Exchange already offers options trading on BTC, ETH, XRP, Bitcashpay (BCP) and BNB. (cointelegraph) [2021/9/9 23:11:22]

News | Port of Valencia, Spain joins TradeLens platform: According to Portseurope, the Port of Valencia, Spain has joined the TradeLens blockchain platform, a technology solution developed by IBM and Maersk that applies blockchain technology to global supply chains . The TradeLens ecosystem currently includes more than 20 port operators and terminals around the world, representing approximately 234 ports on five continents. [2018/11/7]


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