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State Channels

State Channels

State Channelsexpansionstate channel

Scaling solutions on Ethereum.
State Channels

State Channels, also known as "state channel", is a scaling solution based on Ethereum.

The state channel off-chain expansion projects of the Ethereum community are united, including Celer, Connext, FunFair, Perun, PISA, Prototypal, Magmo, L4, The Ethereum Foundation, etc., and jointly propose the same set of community standards for interoperable state channel applications. ecological foundation.

Airstack, a web3 API platform, announced the completion of $3 million in financing: Jinse Finance reported that Jason Goldberg, co-founder of and Moxie, is entering web3 through a new startup, Airstack. The web3 API platform just closed a $3 million seed round with investors including Animal Ventures, Polygon, and Resolute Ventures. Investors in Airstack’s seed round include Animal Ventures, Polygon, Fenbushi and Resolute Ventures. [2022/10/20 16:32:52]

Each of them has contributed a lot in the past to driving different parts of the technology stack, so this community standard builds on a common foundation developed by the various teams over the years. Uniting this unified community standard will be a major milestone in the off-chain expansion ecology, and will also bring more advantages to Ethereum.

Facebook's stable currency Diem's department is researching the STARK proof program: On May 8th, Novi Financial, the payment department of Facebook's stable currency Diem, established a code base called "Winterfell" on GitHub, which is a distributed STARK proof program. experimental project. According to the document, STARK is a novel computational proof scheme that is used to create efficient and verifiable proofs of correct execution of calculations, does not require initial trusted settings, and relies on very few cryptographic assumptions. The documentation shows plans to extend the library with additional features later, including distributed provers, perfect zero-knowledge proofs, and support for WebAssembly. The project code name Winterfell may be derived from the American epic fantasy novel "A Song of Ice and Fire", in which the oldest family in the North, Stark (STARK), lives in Winterfell (Winterfell). [2021/5/8 21:38:38]

Its goal is to provide the best user and developer experience for all state channel projects. All wallets, clients, and applications that use state channels will be compatible with each other. Developers and users do not need to worry about supporting multiple standards, thereby avoiding fragmentation.

News | 600 BTCs were transferred from the Bitstamp exchange worth 5.384 million US dollars: WhaleAlert data shows that at 07:09 on January 28, Beijing time, 600 BTCs were transferred from the Bitstamp exchange to the address starting with 3LRHZZ. Based on the current price, the value is about $5.384 million, the transaction hash is: 3d546ac16cd367bcc6d7c126ea7b89eb1e3a0e010abb67fa7dece7d9cc96f5c2. [2020/1/28]

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State Channels
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