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CCKK_Short Chain_CCKK_CCKK Exchange

CCKK_Short Chain_CCKK_CCKK Exchange

CCKKJiechainCCKK ExchangeCCKK Coin

A summit dedicated to blockchain technology.
CCKK,shortcut chain,CCKK


White paper:

Thailand's JSCCIB Announces First Pilots of Its Blockchain-Based National Digital Trade Platform: Golden Finance reports that Thailand's JSCCIB has announced the first pilots of its blockchain-based National Digital Trade Platform (NDTP). It also integrates Japan's blockchain TradeWaltz and Singapore's single-window Network Trade Platform (NTP).

The goal of the NDTP is to digitize trade processes to speed up imports and exports and improve access to trade finance for SMEs. It is a private sector project jointly run by three industry associations, the Thai Bankers Association, the Federation of Thai Industries and the Board of Trade. The government is involved through the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission. [2022/11/22 7:54:24]

Maximum supply:

Hyperledger Besu released version v21.1.1 and will support the Keccak256 algorithm and the Astor testnet: On March 10, ETC Cooperative officially tweeted that Hyperledger Besu has announced support for the Keccak256 algorithm and the Astor testnet. At the same time, Hyperledger Besu has officially launched version v21.1.1. This release supports all supported testnets and the Berlin activation block of the Ethereum mainnet. Note: Keccak256 is the ECIP-1049 proposal, which plans to change the ETC work proof algorithm to Keccak256. [2021/3/10 18:31:25]

Total supply:

News | Craig Wright formally sued Bitcoin podcast host Peter McCormack: According to coingeek, on April 17, Craig Wright’s legal representative filed a formal lawsuit against Bitcoin podcast host Peter McCormack in the Queen’s Court of the British High Court. File a defamation suit. Satoshi is seeking to stop McCormack from further claiming that he is not the individual behind Satoshi's name, seeking £100,000 of his losses, as well as court costs and legal costs. Wright's lawyers personally provided McCormack with the notice of claim on Thursday and plan to file details of the claim with the High Court next week, after which McCormack will have some time to prepare a response. Previously, on April 12, McCormack had received a lawsuit letter from Satoshi Aomoto, accusing him of repeatedly calling Satoshi Aomotoshi "Faketoshi" and a "liar" on Twitter, thereby damaging Satoshi Aomoto's reputation. cause "serious injury". [2019/4/20]

Core algorithm:

Incentive Mechanism:

CCKK is an underlying public chain composed of three parts: CCKKChain, CCKKApp and digital assets on the CCKK chain; it is a combination of functions such as lightning payment transfer, P2P chat, digital asset transaction, blockchain game and blockchain mall The omnipotent blockchain App payment system; it is an ecosystem that links digital assets and the global economy.

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CCKK,shortcut chain,CCKK
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