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The DeFi lending protocol Alchemix released the details of the error in the ALCX reward contract, and will announce the recovery time of the ALCX reward: Official news, the DeFi lending protocol Alchemix stated that an error was found in the ALCX reward contract, that is, the reward for interacting with the new Masterchefv2ALCX-ETH pool for the first time The calculation is incorrect. The main problem is that over time new stakers are overpaid when they join, and while the error is small at the time of discovery, it is bound to increase over time. For this reason, Alchemix asked Sushi to disconnect the contract and disable ALCX rewards while implementing the fix. SUSHI rewards are still accumulating, and SLP funds are safe. Alchemix will announce the details of the ALCX reward recovery time and retroactive reward distribution as soon as possible. According to previous news, Keno, a member of the SushiSwap team, said that the DeFi lending agreement Alchemix requested SushiSwap to disable their dual-mining rewards because SushiSwap helped Alchemix screen a bug that took away ALCX from their reward contract. [2021/6/4 23:11:53]

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Seed CX is shutting down its exchange business to focus on settlement products: Jinse Finance reported that Seed CX announced that it is shutting down its exchange business to focus on its settlement products. Tomorrow will be the last day of trading on the company's order book. This is because it has failed to attract the same level of liquidity as other large U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchanges. While a major exchange like Coinbase settles over $200 million in volume per day, Seed CX trades between $4 million and $8 million on a given trading day, according to sources. [2020/6/12]

Core algorithm:

People | The widow of the founder of QuadrigaCX owns a property worth $7.5 million. It is unclear whether it will be recovered to make up for customer losses: According to CBC, Jennifer Roberson, the widow of the founder and CEO of the encryption exchange QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten, owns a property in Nova Scotia, Canada. The $7.5 million property, which was purchased within the past two and a half years. It is unclear whether the property will be repossessed to cover the loss of QuadrigaCX clients. According to previous Bloomberg news, court documents show that Gerald Cotten, the founder and CEO of the encryption exchange QuadrigaCX, signed a will 12 days before his death, leaving all his assets to his wife Jennifer Roberson. [2019/2/8]

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CashX is a multi-dimensional consumer user management public chain. CashX and its TokenCX aim to connect physical stores with customers through blockchain technology, benefitting both parties. For merchants, the benefits include access to a larger customer base and various advertising, publicity, and marketing channels; for customers, the token provides a ubiquitous store of value and loyalty point system across multiple stores that can access All promotions and incentives. The economic system around brick and mortar stores involves many players and is rich in data. As a large-scale, decentralized record-keeping tool, blockchain technology is well-suited to facilitate the integrity of transactions between customers and businesses, and between businesses, which improves efficiency and solves issues such as data security and transaction traceability.

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