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Pando Network

Pando Network

Pando NetworkIPFS

Infrastructure for distributed creative industries.
Pando Network

Member of the Aragon Project Nest program. Pando, a distributed control system, implements DAO-based version control, contribution tracking, and governance. It is built on top of IPFS, Ethereum and aragonOS. Pando aims to be a public library and infrastructure developed by the Web3 or Ethereum community, enabling free fork code, open source, merge requests.

MJB will be launched on Binance Smart Chain PancakeSwap at 21:00 on September 21: According to official news, MJB will be launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) PancakeSwap at 21:00 on September 21, 2021 (Beijing time), and Gradually start single currency mining, liquidity mining (LP), mobile game mining (DAPP).

It is understood that MJB is the only value certificate in consumption, investment, and governance among the top 10 business ecosystems of Lima Life. MJB constantly issues 1 billion pieces. MJB will combine Defi, NFT, blind boxes, mobile games, etc. Users can freely conduct token economic transactions in the metaverse virtual world and physical ecology, and truly realize the participation of hundreds of millions of users and full network coverage. Entity certificate system. [2021/9/21 23:40:12]

This repository is a monorepo (putting all related projects in one repository) and includes smart contracts, libraries and tools related to Pando. Each public subpackage is independently published to NPM.

PancakeSwap is suspected of DNS hijacking: On March 15, after the DeFi lending agreement Cream Finance revealed that its DNS was compromised, PancakeSwap also tweeted that it might encounter DNS hijacking: "Until we confirm that this is the case, please do not use The site. We will confirm as soon as possible." [2021/3/16 18:47:11]

Pando is currently developed by the ryhope network team and funded by Aragon Nest.

BitPanda CEO: The impact of regulation on the encryption industry depends on the specific regulations may be a good thing: Regarding the impact of regulation on the encryption industry, BitPanda CEO Eric Demuth said that the answer to this question has changed, and it may have hurt the growth of the encryption industry in the past , but this is no longer the case. "The answer depends on the specifics of the regulation, and now that the industry and many companies have reached significant size, that can be a very good thing. We now have AML5 regulations in Europe. It's similar to the regulations in the banking industry. Four years ago, Regulation could kill all innovation and companies in Europe. Imagine if you were just a new startup and couldn’t reach this goal.” That’s why the EU made a wise decision not to interfere in the crypto space in the first place, Demuth added : "They just observe, let things happen, and give them (startups) a broader framework. The EU waits for the entire industry to become big enough, and then begins to define relevant rules." (Cointelegraph) [2020/3/7]

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Pando Network
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