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Nebula Chain

Nebula Chain

Nebula Chain

Committed to building a public chain that can sustainably upgrade its benign ecological next generation.
Nebula Chain

Nebulas is a blockchain system based on Ethereum that can quantify the scale of value, has self-evolution capabilities, and can promote the ecological construction of the blockchain. It is called "the search-ethexc engine in the blockchain" and "the next Google". . Nebulas is a project that accurately finds the pain points of multiple blockchains. Although the solution may not be effective, it is still a constructive attempt.

The Nebulas Index quantifies the importance of each entity by mining and analyzing the behaviors generated on the Nebulas chain. So, what are the benefits of scale of value in the blockchain space? At present, there is no search-ethexc tool in the blockchain field to search-ethexc for some meaningful data. Therefore, we cannot find the DApp or smart contract we want. The current situation is like an Internet without Google or other search-ethexc engines. Can you imagine what a big opportunity this is? Look at the promotion of search-ethexc engines to the Internet today. Most of our online behavior starts from the search-ethexc entrance. Similarly, I think search-ethexc engines in the blockchain field will also greatly promote the development of blockchain. It is not just a stepping stone of the blockchain, but more likely to be the cornerstone of the future development of the blockchain.

Canadian Singer’s Upcoming Merchandise Will Accept Dogecoin as Payment: On Dec. 3, Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes revealed in a tweet that her upcoming merchandise will accept Dogecoin as payment. Earlier this year, Grimes sold $5.8 million worth of digital artwork as part of a non-fungible token gold rush. It is reported that Musk liked Grimes’ tweet about accepting Dogecoin. ([2021/12/3 12:49:20]

By providing a blockchain search-ethexc engine, Nebulas Index allows users to find and locate DApps and smart contracts. For example, for example, the cat raising game that was very popular on Ethereum before, there is no doubt that there must be dozens of DApps similar to it. Therefore, based on multiple data sources, such as projects on Ethereum, projects on Github, and even Google's search-ethexc history, etc., Nebulas Index's sorting algorithm will sort similar DApps, and then use the ones that users can evaluate and choose way to list them.

Bloomberg strategist: BTC will replace gold as a store of value in portfolios: Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlone tweeted that gold will always have a place in jewelry and currency collections, but most indicators point to Bitcoin’s pace Accelerated, it will replace metals as the store of value in investors' portfolios. [2021/3/8 18:26:25]

NebulasForce allows developers to introduce new features or protocols on the Nebulas chain without forking. The white paper calls it "self-evolving blockchain technology". For example, on other blockchain projects, if a developer has an excellent DApp idea, but it needs a new protocol to support, and this protocol does not exist on the blockchain, then the developer Basically just give up on the idea. On the Nebulas chain, new ideas can be developed and implemented. If it can make a positive contribution to the community, the Nebulas community can vote and reach a consensus to change the network protocol. Once approved, Nebulas developers can add new protocols to Nebulas. Moreover, in the future, Nebulas will also support the inclusion of other sub-chains to achieve the purpose of self-evolution.

IMF Managing Director: The global economy is expected to recover in 2021: IMF Managing Director Georgieva said that it is clear that the global economy has fallen into a recession as severe as the global financial crisis, or worse. Countries should aggressively increase their response measures. Eighty countries have requested assistance and more are expected to do so. The global economy is expected to recover in 2021, but only if the virus is contained first and liquidity problems are prevented from becoming a payment problem. In addition, Georgieva said that the U.S. economy is in recession and is assessing the severity of the recession. (Golden Ten) [2020/3/28]

Nebulas provides a brand-new mechanism, the Contribution Proof Algorithm. The Contribution Proof Algorithm essentially rewards developers who have made great DApps on the Nebulas Chain. You can choose to become a validator. In return, you will receive token rewards from the Nebulas Chain. Validators who participate in the PoD algorithm can get 1x Nebulas rewards on each legal block. If the network is not smooth or someone cheats, so that the Prepare phase cannot be completed and enter the Commit phase, then all validators will lose 0.5 x. Therefore, the value nodes that become verifiers will share a large amount of bookkeeping revenue while keeping the network open and not participating in cheating.

Not only the contribution proof mechanism can motivate developers, but excellent developers will also receive additional token rewards for their hard work on the Nebulas chain. Based on the Nebulas Index, Nebulas distributes rewards to outstanding developers through the developer incentive agreement.

The founder of Nebulas is Xu Yiji, the founder of NEO, and the core team is also quite capable and experienced.

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Nebula Chain
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