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currency move

Currency was established: 2019-12

BiDong registered area: Philippines

CoinDance is one of the most trusted digital asset trading service platforms in the world, providing global blockchain enthusiasts with a variety of digital asset services such as currency transactions, fiat currency transactions, OTC, contracts, and promotions. At present, CoinDance has established independent trading business and operation centers in Southeast Asia and Greater China, including offices in Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Meta Platforms plummeted 25%: The market shows that Meta Platforms plummeted 25%, which is bound to hit the largest market value drop in market history. [2022/2/4 9:30:10]

CoinDance has always insisted on being a trading service platform that adheres to the bottom line of safety, adheres to the supremacy of users, insists on innovation, and actively embraces compliance, providing a safe, fair and efficient trading environment for blockchain digital assets. At the same time, with blockchain technology as the core, establish a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem, serve as a bridge between blockchain, technology and the traditional financial world, and inject active-ethexc positive energy into the entire industry. Bidong strives to become the world's leading financial technology Serve.

NFT platform OpenSea is negotiating to purchase Dharma Labs: On January 5th, according to AXIOS, the NFT online trading market OpenSea is negotiating to purchase Dharma Labs. Dharma Labs is a universal tokenized debt protocol platform that provides loans to traders and large cryptocurrency holders, using programmable tokenized debt to build globally available loan products. (Golden Ten) [2022/1/5 8:26:05]

Co-founder of EthHub: Ethereum was built to survive in the next 1,000 years: Jinse Finance reported that angel investor and EthHub co-founder sassal.eth tweeted that Ethereum was built to survive in the next 1,000 years down. It is designed to be a decentralized universal settlement layer for humans and machines, as a source of truth, with heavy economic consequences for attackers. The value this brings to humanity is immeasurable. [2022/1/4 8:23:39]

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currency move
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