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Livecoin_Livecoin Exchange

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Livecoin was established: 2014-03

Livecoin registration area: Belize

Livecoin is a modern cryptocurrency trading site that provides you with a comfortable, practical and profitable cryptocurrency trading site – suitable for novice traders as well as professional traders.

DLive announced the official use of BTFS to jointly create a decentralized storage network: According to the latest news, DLive announced the official use of BTFS to jointly create a new generation of decentralized storage network. The mainnet of BTFS has been launched in mid-June, and the storage space mining revenue competition will start on July 7, US time. A single Host can increase the storage capacity by more than 100 MiB every day. The competition rewards are shared in proportion to 30 million BTT every 24 hours. The time point of each statistical cycle is UTC 00:00. Each reward will be issued within 24 hours after the end of each day. [2020/7/17]

Livecoin provides the purchase and sale of Litecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with trading, buying, selling, games and other functions– just like traditional international stations. Here you can get in touch with the world's most advanced new currency– cryptocurrency , and you can get bigger profits through cryptocurrency.

News | Livepeer, a distributed video encoding platform based on Ethereum, completes $8 million in Series A financing: According to CoinDesk, Livepeer, a distributed video encoding platform based on Ethereum, announced that it has received $8 million in Series A venture capital led by Northzone . [2019/6/19]

Our service is suitable for everyone– even novices can get started very quickly, and veterans can get richer information from our platform. Livecoin has created an intuitive and simple system for novices, and prepared many Applicable features, in summary: The Livecoin system is simple for novices and versatile for veterans.

LiveCoin released the announcement of ThaneCoin's new trading pair: LiveCoin released the announcement of ThaneCoin's new trading pair, and the new trading pairs TPI/BTC, TPI/ETH are available for trading. [2018/5/23]

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