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LedgerX was established: 2014-01

LedgerX registration area: United States

LedgerX is a federally regulated exchange and clearinghouse that lists and clears fully collateralized, physically-settled Bitcoin swaps and options for the institutional market. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), as a swap executor (SEF) and a derivatives clearing organization (DCO), is responsible for regulating virtual currency derivatives and overseeing the registration and licensing of LedgerX.

The NFT market NFTmall and Acknoledger reached a strategic partnership: On January 30, the multi-chain NFT platform NFTmall and Acknoledger established a strategic partnership. Acknoledger will provide mapping assistance, monetization, distribution, lifecycle tracking, plagiarism and interoperability checks for all NFT minted by NFTmall contracts.

It is reported that AcknoLedger is the gateway of the Web3.0 metaverse and game NFT, and is committed to becoming a global alliance to help its users easily create, earn and sell Web 3.0 digital assets in the metaverse and game NFT, and transfer content-ethexc ownership to It is NFT, so that every contributing member gets the rewards he deserves. [2022/1/30 9:23:23]

The LedgerX management team is comprised of Goldman Sachs, MIT and CFTC alumni, bringing financial expertise, technical talent and regulatory experience to the company. Ananda Radhakrishnan, former director of the Clearing and Risk Division of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and current vice president of the Bank Derivatives Policy Center of the American Bankers Association, and Carl Mahler, a partner at Gelber Group, are currently members of the LedgerX board of directors. Mark Wetjen, managing director of Depository Trust & Clearing Corp (DTCC) and former CFTC commissioner, currently sits on the board of directors of Ledger Holdings Inc., the parent company of LedgerX.

Sound|Executive Director of Hyperledger: Blockchain potential is reaching a critical point: According to Coindesk, Hyperledger Executive Director Brian Behlendorf said in an interview a few days ago that he believes that many things that the blockchain ecosystem is building are getting closer Be a net gainer to the world. Citing double-digit blockchain usage in the diamond industry, provenance tracking, various blockchain digital identity projects, and the rise of central bank-backed digital currencies, he paints a rosy picture that blockchain technology is on the way. Quietly move from concept stage to "in production" deployment. Brian Behlendorf believes that with tools such as digital identity and secure transactions, many of today's big problems can be improved to some extent. "We're moving towards more self-governing, self-governing distributed digital identities, none of which would be possible without distributed ledger technology," he said. "I know that's a recurring theme we hear, and now You see the form of legalization, that is, the central bank recognizes the internal technology. So I feel that blockchain technology has reached a tipping point.” [2020/2/2]

News | Hyperledger launches encryption tool library for developers: According to coindesk, the blockchain alliance Hyperledger announced that it has launched a modular shared encryption tool library called Ursa for developers. Hyperledger Ursa will serve as a repository for "trusted" cryptographic implementations, designed to make it easier for blockchain developers within its community and the wider open-source space to avoid duplication of development efforts. [2018/12/5]

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