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Tiancheng Establishment Date: 2020-02

Tiancheng Registration Area: UK

Binance experienced a large outflow of up to 53,000 bitcoins today: Jinse Finance reported that according to CryptoQuant data monitoring, Binance experienced a large outflow of up to 53,000 bitcoins today. The transfer of the cold wallet to the reserve proves the behavior of the wallet. [2022/11/17 13:16:39]

Tiancheng Group is a quantitative trading service platform focusing on Bitcoin and other digital currency transactions, and is committed to providing services for the valuable blockchain industry. We provide high-quality currencies to the community and bring quantitative traffic to the project side.

The European Central Bank is expected to raise interest rates by more than 125 basis points by December: According to news on June 3, money markets in the euro zone currently expect the European Central Bank to raise interest rates by more than 125 basis points by December. (Golden Ten) [2022/6/3 4:00:49]

BitANT's new CEO: 3 ecological applications will be launched during the Spring Festival: According to BitANT's new CEO Robert Twitter: The progress of the Satoshi nakamato NFT project has completed all the prototypes, who is Satoshi Nakamoto (who is Satoshi Nakamoto) The NFT web design is also nearing completion and will be disclosed on coindesk. At the same time, 3 projects funded by BitBTC DAO will also be launched during the Spring Festival. These three projects are: NFT trading platform, which will use BitBTC as the main payment token; Gamefi project deployed on BSC will use Bitbtc as the only token for the game Circulating tokens, the game promises that a large part of the revenue will be used to buy back BitANT; the Btc red envelope project will support SATS and BitBTC to send red envelopes for New Year greetings. [2022/1/14 8:48:52]

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