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Bancor Network_Bancor Network Exchange

Bancor Network_Bancor Network Exchange

Bancor NetworkBancor Network exchangeBancor Network APP downloadBancor Network official website

Bancor Network

Bancor Network was established: 2017-01

The first XDOGE of LBANK blue shells rose by a maximum of 416%: At 12:00 on May 15th, LBank blue shells debuted XDOGE and opened USDT trading. The opening price of XDOGE is 0.0001USDT, and the current highest quotation is 0.00051675USDT, with a maximum increase of 416%. As of press time, the price is about 0.00032USDT. According to the data, the idea of creating XDOGE is to expand the application of the fully decentralized DogeCoin, to guide and rebuild its ecological development to a certain extent. The XDOGE application is built on the Binance Smart Chain, and XDOGE is its token. [2021/5/15 22:05:50]

Bancor Network registered area: Israel

LBank Blue Shell has completed the sale of USF tokens at 18:00 on March 16: It is reported that the sale of USF (Unslashed Finance) tokens launched by LBank Blue Shell at 11:00 on March 16 has ended, and the lottery has been completed. Publication of lottery result data:

The number of participants in the "LBK Special Session" was 917, of which 97 were successful, accounting for 10.57% of the total number of participants; the total number of lots was 3691, and the number of successful lots was 250, with a winning rate of 6.77%.

The number of participants in the "LBK Special Session" was 452, and the number of winners was 103, accounting for 22.78% of the total number of participants; the total number of tickets was 1615, and the number of winners was 250, with a success rate of 15.47%.

LBank Blue Shell will open the USF/USDT trading pair at 20:00 on March 16. Unslashed Finance is a decentralized insurance agreement, which mainly serves some agreements rather than individual customers. Currently serving clients include Lido DAO, Enzyme Finance, ParaSwap, etc. As of now, the official website is still in the testing stage, and users can participate in mining and purchase insurance services through the invitation code. For more details, please log in to the official website of LBank Blue Shell. [2021/3/16 18:50:30]

WeLab Bank, the fourth virtual bank in Hong Kong, started trial operation: April 29 news, following the opening of ZhongAn Bank, Airstar Bank and Ant Bank in March this year, WeLab Bank, which is wholly owned by WeLab, also entered Hong Kong on April 28. The Financial Technology Regulatory Sandbox under the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has started trial operation.

During the trial operation period, WeLab Bank will invite about 2,000 users from the waiting list, WeLab employees and their relatives and friends to participate in the trial operation. WeLab Bank's major shareholders include Malaysia's National Sovereign Fund, CK Hutchison's TOM Group, and Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. (BiaNews) [2020/4/29]

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Bancor Network
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