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London Stock Exchange_London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange_London Stock Exchange

London Stock ExchangeLondon Stock ExchangeLondon Stock Exchange APP downloadLondon Stock Exchange official website

London Exchange

London Stock Exchange was established: 2018-01

Registered area of London Stock Exchange: UK

In 2018, the blockchain industry entered a period of rapid development. A group of elites from Bitmex, CME Chicago Exchange, Coinbase and other top companies in the industry gathered together and founded the London Exchange (LDX) in London on January 3, 2018. London is the world's largest financial center, controlling 45% of the world's foreign exchange transactions and the pricing power of commodities such as gold, silver, and crude oil. It is also the world's largest banking, insurance, futures, and shipping center. The world's top investors gather in London, and London also has the world's most advanced financial transaction technology. With mature and stable self-developed trading technology and rich experience in financial product design, LDX will create a safe, reliable, smooth and easy-to-use digital asset trading platform for global users.

The Ethereum test network Ropsten has destroyed about 8.44 ETH after activating the London upgrade, worth more than 16,000 US dollars: According to data, after the Ethereum test network Ropsten activated the London upgrade, it has destroyed about 8.44 ETH, worth more than 16,000 US dollars.

According to previous news, Ropsten, the Ethereum test network, activated the London upgrade at block height 10499401 at 10:03 on June 24. This upgrade includes updates such as EIP-1559 that changed the Ethereum 1.0 Gas fee market and postponed the difficulty bomb to December 1, 2021. [2021/6/24 0:02:57]

News | London Improvement Club is researching cryptocurrency crypto 2.0: According to business-standard news, recently, a group of people from the London Improvement Club are researching a cryptocurrency-crypto 2.0. It is reported that crypto 2.0, like bitcoin, allows direct payments between two parties without intermediary intervention or government oversight. And it's stable enough to use in everyday affairs. [2018/11/9]

Voice | Members of the European Parliament: Even with Brexit, London’s financial technology industry can still secure the future: According to cointelegraph, Kay Swinburne, a member of the European Parliament (MEP), believes that even if the UK leaves the EU, there will be no EU blockchain observatory and forums. Support, without the convenience of reciprocal market access conditions within the regional trading bloc, London's fintech industry can still secure its future. Because, the United Kingdom and its territory Gibraltar have repositioned themselves as the new cryptocurrency market of choice. In addition, in order to ensure the future development of the domestic digital economy, the UK has reached a special agreement with the EU through negotiations, that is, the UK can continue to use the EU's Galileo satellite system after Brexit. [2018/8/9]

Tags:London Stock ExchangeLondon Stock ExchangeLondon Stock Exchange APP downloadLondon Stock Exchange official website

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London Exchange
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