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Date of establishment of ITEX: 2020-05

ITEX registration area: Seychelles

RedKite and OurTypes held an NFT art exhibition to raise funds for the global humanitarian crisis: Golden Finance News, NFT art platform RedKite and creative studio OurTypes will jointly hold an NFT art exhibition called Humanity on May 31, local time in the UK. The art exhibition aims to raise funds for global humanitarian crises to help refugees displaced by conflicts around the world.

Artists participating in this art exhibition include street artist Ben Eine, British artist A.CE and creator of "Space Monkey" Dalek, etc.

RedKite is an innovative NFT art platform that leads artists from reality to dynamic digital experience. [2022/5/29 3:48:01]

ITEX is a perpetual contract trading service platform for global services, registered in the Seychelles Islands, providing safe and reliable digital currency derivatives trading services to the world. The platform has a professional R&D management team and a powerful trading system, providing users with a safe and rigorous trading environment, and working together to build a more transparent, efficient and fast new financial system for digital assets.

Digitex information leak event hacker claims he is not a former employee of the exchange: Digitex, a decentralized derivatives exchange, has recently suffered a leak of user private information. User's private information. Overseas cryptocurrency media Decrypt said it had directly contacted the hacker and asked about the matter. However, the hacker claimed that he was not an investor, let alone a disgruntled former employee of Digitex. The hacker added: "If they think I'm an ex-employee, they don't know how it happened. But that's not a problem for me, I'm safe." (Decrypt) [2020/3/3]

News | EOS Mediterranean releases the Beta version of the EOS Voting Tracker: According to IMEOS reports, EOS Mediterranean released the Beta version of the EOS Voting Tracker. This tool can track the voting status of individual voters and voting proxy accounts, display 24-hour voting changes, and support referendums test. The current Beta release is the second beta release. [2018/11/23]

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