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Hydax established: 2019-08

Hydax registered area: Singapore

With the increasing market demand of blockchain technology in various fields, the circulation of its digital tokens will also usher in an explosive period. At this critical node where opportunities and challenges coexist, Hydax trading service platform came into being.

Cardano introduces Hydra for Payments, a developer tool that supports micropayments: On November 10th, IOHK announced the implementation of Hydra for Payments, an open source developer tool for payment solutions in the Cardano ecosystem. Hydra for Payments will simplify the Hydra Head protocol in various payment use cases and will unleash the power of micropayments in the Cardano ecosystem. The Hydra for Payments tool will be gradually rolled out to help developers manage credentials, manage the entire Hydra Head lifecycle, and interact with Heads through a common and convenient interface.

Prior to March, the Cardano development team released the first Hydra Heads on the Cardano public testnet. The first version of the Hydra node has been released, Hydra is a solution that provides the Cardano network with improved data storage cycles and scalability and efficiency of space per node. [2022/11/10 12:44:28]

Hydax was established at the end of 2018 and officially launched on August 18, 2019. Hydax is a safe and trustworthy innovative digital asset trading service platform. The platform has a uniquely designed high-concurrency and high-performance architecture, and has security guarantees such as multi-dimensional wind control system, distributed servers, and separation of hot and cold wallets, creating a safe, reliable, and friction-free trading environment for global users, effectively ensuring the efficiency of tokens circulation.

US SEC accuses Hydrogen token airdrop of allegedly manipulating the market, earning more than $2 million: September 29 news, according to the official website of the US SEC, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Hydrogen and market maker Moonwalkers of allegedly manipulating the market and unregistered Issuance of securities, with a profit of more than 2 million U.S. dollars. Among them, Hydrogen distributed its Hydro tokens through bounty programs and airdrops in 2018. At the same time, it also sold tokens directly to users through its trading platform. During this period, Hydrogen CEO hired Moonwalkers to conduct token trades (Wash Trade), Created a false impression of an active-ethexc market, stabilized the price of tokens, and increased user interest.

Additionally, the SEC said Wash Trading’s conduct constituted both market manipulation and an unregistered securities offering despite avoiding ICOs in favor of airdrops and bug bounties. [2022/9/29 22:38:49]

Through the global strategic layout, while serving global users, Hydax will also provide 360-degree all-round empowerment for top blockchain projects, forming a benign closed loop in which the value of digital assets and the number of users continue to stimulate growth. Hydax takes the interests of users and project parties as the dual core of the platform, and will gradually become the world's leading digital asset trading service platform, injecting new impetus into the development of the blockchain industry.

CEO of Hydro-QuéBec, says wants to attract cryptocurrency miners to absorb excess electricity: Hydro-QuéBec is a large state-owned company based in Montreal that helps manage and supply electricity to Québec and other cities. The company’s CEO, Éric Martel, said that the company’s performance has not been good in recent years, hoping to attract bitcoin miners to the region, where miners can purchase more than 5,000 megawatts of excess electricity from Hydro-QuéBec. [2018/1/10]

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