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Compo established time: 2019-08

Compo registered area: Cayman Islands

Kangbo is one of the world's famous digital asset international websites, mainly providing spot and derivative trading services of digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for global users. When Kangbo was founded, it obtained projects such as the Lambda Foundation and the Turbine Network Foundation, well-known institutions such as DFG Crypto, Genesis Capital, Evolution Capital, JC Capital, Jidou Capital, Feilong Capital, and joint investment from major storage mining pool nodes. The huge traffic in the field of distributed storage and hard disk mining is an incremental market for new traffic and funds, with mature users and active-ethexc transactions.

U.S. stocks opened, and the three major stock indexes were mixed: On February 2, U.S. stocks opened mixed. The Dow fell 0.2%, the S&P rose 0.43%, and the Nasdaq rose 0.95%.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, rose 10% after the company reported better-than-expected earnings. Alphabet announced a 20-1 stock split. Bernstein and Credit Suisse raised their price target on Google to $3,500.

AMD rose 11%, after the previously announced financial report showed that revenue in the fourth quarter increased by 49% year-on-year, and adjusted earnings per share increased by 26% year-on-year, which was higher than analysts' expectations.

Paypal's U.S. stock market fell 22.1% at the beginning of the session. The company's fourth-quarter net profit of US$801 million was lower than expected, and the company gave up its guidance to achieve 750 million accounts by 2025. [2022/2/2 9:28:05]

ZEC breaks through $200: ZEC breaks through $200 and is now quoted at $200.13, with an intraday increase of 1.18%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2021/11/11 21:43:24]

A-share closing: Shenzhen Stock Exchange Blockchain 50 Index rose 1.34%: Jinse Financial News, A-shares closed, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3544.48 points, closing down 0.08%, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 14476.53 points, closing up 0.17%, Shenzhen Stock Exchange District The Blockchain 50 Index reported 3691.16 points, closing up 1.34%. The blockchain sector closed up 1.74%, and the digital currency sector closed up 1.07%. [2021/11/1 21:15:03]

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