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Registration of the Exchange: United Kingdom

Voice | Former JPMorgan Chase trader Tone Vays: Speculative trading is not the form Bitcoin adopts: According to AMBCrypto, former JPMorgan Chase trader and Bitcoin enthusiast Tone Vays said that he is happy with the development of Bitcoin in the past few years, but Sad about how the last 5 years have gone because people are focused on making money with altcoins, people are no longer united and trying to get away from fiat. It's divided the community a lot because everyone wants their money to be successful and it's not a protocol, so I'm really disappointed in the community. "Jeffrey Tucker disagreed with this point of view, "We can now choose the currency, and now we have brought market forces to the topic of currency. I never believed that this kind of thing would happen in my lifetime." I think that's a good thing. Vays said adoption has not reached the level he expected. Back in 2014, his business gave users the option to pay with bitcoin, but the method was not popular. This is because people were less exposed to bitcoin at the time Vays also explained that Bitcoin adoption will eventually come and “unless businesses themselves understand Bitcoin, they shouldn’t accept it.” Although many see speculative trading as a form of Bitcoin adoption, Vays strongly disagrees, And added that trading is not a use case. "I'm a Wall Street trader and people like me are demonized. I'll be the first to admit that transactions are not a use case. It's a way to make money, a way to make a living, a way to speculate, a way to have fun, it's a casino; casinos don't really benefit society that much. "[2019/6/24]

TokenEco Exchange is committed to serving global tokens and entity enterprises + blockchain projects. It is efficient, transparent and secure, and creates an international station for digital assets governed by a large community of enterprises and users. Our purpose is to empower the real economy, help the token economy to realize a major upgrade of internal and external organizational collaboration, and users to realize the ideal of consumption as investment.

Dynamic | ETH dropped by an average of 10.05% on common exchanges yesterday: according to data from From the perspective of turnover growth, ETH dropped by an average of 10.05% on common exchanges yesterday; The average reduction was 25.53%. Among them, the exchange with the highest turnover growth ratio is Bittrex, with an increase of 8.45%; the lowest exchange is Kraken, with an increase of -31.91%. Compared with the same period last week, the ETH transaction volume of ordinary exchanges increased by an average of 16.98%; the average increase of contract exchanges was 11.19%; the average increase of fiat currency exchanges was -25.53%. [2018/12/12]

Voice | Former JPMorgan Chase trader: Coinbase can compete with the New York Stock Exchange: According to dailyhodl, former JPMorgan energy trader and chairman of cryptocurrency investment company CoinShares Danny Masters (Danny Masters) said, Coinbase “is building out to be a registered broker-dealer, a registered investment advisor in all 50 states, and an automated trading system. Once you put those three together, add their 12.5 million customers, and they have their own Stock market. Once they issue tokens on it, this is a competitor to NYSE and NASDAQ. [2018/10/28]

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Traffic Exchange
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