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Fat Bit_Fat Bit Exchange

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fat bit

Fat Bit was established: 2014-05

Fat Bit Registration Area: United States

Indian Finance Minister: India is exploring the commercial use of central bank digital currency: Golden Finance reported that Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman talked about the country’s central bank digital currency ( CBDC), the digital rupee. The Indian government is exploring “multiple commercial uses, not just financial inclusion” for its central bank digital currency. India's finance minister clarified that the goal is to issue a digital rupee backed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) by 2023. Sitharaman emphasized that the Indian government maintains a consistent digital push across all industries. “Central bank digital currency, digital banks, and digital universities are all announced in the federal budget. The government is continuing its digital push across sectors,” she stressed. Meanwhile, the Indian government is formulating the country’s cryptocurrency policy. The finance minister said this week that decisions would not be rushed. RBI Deputy Governor T. Rabi Sankar said the central bank will launch the digital rupee "in a very calibrated, gradual manner, assessing the impact along the way". (news.bitcoin) [2022/5/1 2:44:07] is an old bitcoin international station founded in 2014. It provides trading services of digital assets and fiat currency for global players. It has branches in Canada and Hong Kong. It currently supports bilingual Chinese and English, and is developing business in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other regions. .

All-in-one Moss privacy computing machine passed the evaluation of Shenzhen National Finance Evaluation Center: Golden Finance reported that recently, AntChain Moss privacy computing all-in-one machine passed the evaluation of Shenzhen National Financial Technology Evaluation Center, marking that the product as a whole Reach a higher level of financial technology.

Shenzhen National Financial Technology Evaluation Center is a national-level professional financial technology evaluation institution approved by the People's Bank of China. It mainly conducts financial technology application evaluation, risk monitoring, regulatory technology and compliance technology construction to help the high-quality development of the industry. This evaluation is carried out from three parts: functionality, information security and performance efficiency, involving a total of 83 sub-items in 11 aspects including trusted execution environment, secure container, cryptographic function, secure operating system, CPU performance, and Java performance. Moss Privacy Computing all-in-one computers meet the requirements.

The MOS all-in-one machine is an integrated product of privacy computing software and hardware independently developed by the AntChain MOS team. It will be officially released in September 2021. [2022/4/27 2:34:22] is known for its fairness, and enjoys an excellent reputation among players due to its fast recharge and withdrawal speed.

Today's panic and greed index is 23, and the level is still extreme panic: Today's panic and greed index is 23 (21 yesterday), the degree of panic has eased, and the level is still extreme panic.

Note: The threshold of the panic index is 0-100, including indicators: volatility (25%) + market trading volume (25%) + social media popularity (15%) + market research (15%) + bitcoin in the entire market Proportion (10%) + Google hot word analysis (10%). [2022/1/15 8:51:03]

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fat bit
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