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B2BX establishment time: 2018-01

B2BX registration area: Hong Kong, China

B2BX is an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity for marginal transactions, trading through physical delivery and issuing liquidity to brokerage firms. We have built the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange aggregator and marketplace, connecting at least 5% of the forex/DMA and stockbroker markets or brokers in the market, allowing them to offer cryptocurrency trading to their clients.

B2B fund distribution platform Allfunds Bank introduces blockchain technology: On September 25th, B2B fund distribution platform Allfunds Bank announced that it will introduce blockchain technology in fund distribution, by providing blockchain technology for fund companies and institutional investors The supported "technical solutions" and "business solutions" improve the efficiency of fund sales. [2020/9/25]

The development of the B2BX aggregator, which will integrate with the most popular international stations, such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, PrimeXM International Station, OneZero via gateways, bridges and Open APIs. In order to aggregate and distribute cryptocurrency liquidity through 1000+ forex brokers, B2BX will integrate with PrimeXM and OneZero aggregators. Integrate and distribute cryptocurrency liquidity through banks, hedge funds, liquidity providers, B2BX, will be combined with the largest ECN platform.

Bluehelix was invited to the B2B virtual exhibition held by iFX EXPO: According to official news, Bluehelix was invited to appear at the Virtual Vision Finance-Ultimate B2B virtual exhibition held by iFX EXPO on June 10.

Behelix is one of the world's leading blockchain financial information technology service providers, committed to providing professional technical support and services to industry customers. At this stage, it has provided blockchain financial technology to over 240 well-known companies around the world, including trading platform SaaS systems, innovative financial derivatives, and liquidity services. Partners in the blockchain financial industry displayed the five core products of Bihei spot trading system, contract trading system, option trading system, OTC trading system and liquidity services, as well as full-stack solutions for exchanges in different application scenarios.

iFX EXPO is the world's first and largest financial B2B expo, and the Virtual Vision Finance-Ultimate B2B virtual exhibition is a 24h online exhibition launched by iFX EXPO in 2020. The interactive 3D exhibition hall will accommodate more than 100 participating brands and more than 5,000 target visitors, and exhibitors and potential customers can communicate through online video and voice calls. [2020/6/8]

Tradeshift CEO: Only with the emergence of more stable cryptocurrencies can it be applied to B2B payment business: On May 29, Christian Lanng, CEO of supply chain payment company Tradeshift, said in an interview with Bloomberg that in the field of payment, cryptocurrencies are not Stable, so commercial applications will be a problem. He believes that it is necessary to wait for the emergence of the next generation of more stable cryptocurrencies before it can be applied to the B2B payment business. [2018/5/31]

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