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XIN was founded: --

XIN registration area: Hong Kong, China

Xinshu Dong, the former co-founder of Zilliqa, became a partner of IOSG Ventures: Xinshu Dong, the former co-founder and CEO of the public chain project Zilliqa, officially joined the investment institution IOSG Ventures as a partner. Dong said, "The development process of DeFi, including the explosive growth this year, is the epitome of the rise of the entire industry. Based on the accumulation of technological innovation, and characterized by openness and transparency to guide the surge of users, the blockchain industry is bound to grow. There are more explosions. As practitioners, we need to think more about how to contribute to application-layer innovation and entrepreneurship, whether it is the research and development of basic technologies, such as the efficient and private transactions provided by zero-knowledge proofs; or through innovative models to attract more Users come to use the blockchain, such as the combination of NFT games and DeFi is a good attempt.”

It is reported that IOSG Ventures was established in 2017. It is a research and community-driven encryption venture capital fund. The team is located in China, the United States, Singapore and Germany, focusing on DeFi, Web3.0, cross-chain industry and ETH2.0 and other ecology . Jocy Lin, founding partner of IOSG Ventures, once worked for Shenwan Hongyuan Securities and Aoyin Capital. [2020/8/24]

Hong Kong XIN International Station, also known as Hong Kong Yixin Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd., was established on November 15, 2017. XIN International Station is the safest and most convenient multi-currency international station, providing Bitcoin, Ethereum , Litecoin, Yunlai Chain, mobile phone mining to make money and other functions, allowing you to experience the fun of speculating coins while live broadcasting. The platform provides you with a large number of digital currency mining to make money. Share what you know with others and gain experience from it. At the same time, it is also a money-making platform, so that you can benefit from it every day.

News | Geek Star GCOXIN received a multi-million dollar strategic investment from Asia New Capital: On January 3, 2020, the digital asset trading platform Geek Star GCOXIN received a multi-million dollar strategic investment from Singapore Asia New Capital. GCOXIN is a global digital asset trading platform. At present, the platform has incubated tokens such as PAC and LaLiga tokens, covering Asia, Australia, Europe and other regions. The number of overseas users It has millions of dollars and holds overseas compliant digital currency trading licenses such as Dubai DMCC.

The GCOXIN team said: GCOXIN will orderly promote blockchain incubation and empowerment, and build a world-leading one-stop service digital trading platform based on the principle of security and compliance. [2020/1/13]

Voice | EOSBIXIN founder: The launch of Fibos is good for the EOS ecology: According to IMEOS reports, supernode EOS BIXIN founder Chaojun expressed his views on the launch of Fibos on Knowledge Planet: 1. EOS itself is a multi-chain ecosystem, and various EOS sub- Chains or sidechains based on the EOS Bancor protocol can bring incremental growth to EOS, such as attracting stars, and ultimately give back to the EOS community and currency value. 2. At present, it is unlikely that various side chains will challenge the status of EOS. The community consensus and ecological support are already there, so there is no need to worry about competition. Here we also advise a certain sidechain to give up the strategy of "holding the EOS main chain high", and it is more important to find its own position as soon as possible. 3. The more projects use EOS, the more EOS is locked, and the price of EOS will rise even more. This is true for supernodes, Dapps, side chains and sub-chains based on the EOS Bancor protocol. 4. There is no doubt that there will be many vertical EOS customized chains in various fields in the future. While these chains improve technology for the industry, they must also consider how to make good use of the EOS community and ecology. [2018/8/30]

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