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Binxin was established: --

Binxin Registration Area: Taiwan, China

KuCoin has newly added AAVE asset leverage trading service and lending wealth management service: According to KuCoin official news, the KuCoin leveraged trading platform has opened AAVE margin trading and loan wealth management services on January 15, and users can short by borrowing AAVE. Or go long by borrowing USDT. At the same time, KuCoin has randomly distributed 0-interest gift coupons to AAVE trading user accounts with a random amount, and the gift coupons can be used to receive funds with 0-interest for long or short transactions. [2021/1/15 16:16:27]

CoinNew is the world's leading international website for digital currency assets, committed to providing users with safe, professional, stable and efficient digital currency trading services. From the perspective of users and project parties, CoinNew has created a new sustainable dividend model for NEW transactions by virtue of its deep understanding of the blockchain field, leading the trend of blockchain technology.

Announcement | CoinBene has added USDT perpetual contracts based on EOS\\LTC\\XRP: According to the official website announcement, on December 10, CoinBene will add mainstream currencies to the USDT forward contract, namely EOS-SWAP and LTC-SWAP and XRP-SWAP. In addition to the previously launched BTC-SWAP, ETH-SWAP, TRX-SWAP, BCH-SWAP and BSV-SWAP, CoinBene has launched 8 types of perpetual contracts including most of the mainstream currencies. Please refer to the official website for details. [2019/12/10]

Bixin released the ZIBER/BTC trading pair delisting announcement: Bixin announced that the ZIBER/BTC trading pair will be offline at 16:00 on April 20, 2018, and ZIBER/ETH will be traded normally. [2018/4/20]

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