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CKcoin was established: 2018-05

CKcoin registration area: UK

CKcoin is a global integrated super digital currency trading service platform that integrates digital currency, securities and futures markets, and supports digital currency direct investment in global financial markets. Headquartered in the UK, CKcoin is a subsidiary of CKCOIN LIMITED in the UK. The platform is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. Currently, the platform has three major trading areas: currency, legal currency, and leverage. It mainly provides global users with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Spot and derivatives trading services for mainstream digital assets such as Ethereum. Since its establishment in 2018, the platform has provided trading services for more than 5 million digital currency users around the world. At present, the platform is widely praised at home and abroad for its security, ease of use, and stability.

Asset management company Van ECK Associates increased its holdings of listed mining company Argo Blockchain by 176,000 shares: According to news on August 22, according to the latest disclosure documents of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Van ECK Associates increased its holdings of listed mining company Argo Blockchain by 176,951 shares. Currently, Van ECK Associates already holds 365,324 shares of Argo Blockchain, worth more than $3.6 million.

In addition, other recent investment companies that have increased their stake in Argo Blockchain include: Scotia Capital Inc., First Trust Advisors LP, and Gillson Capital LP. (Etfdailynews) [2022/8/22 12:40:48]

Bitcoin mining company Hive Blockchain announced a 5-to-1 stock merger plan: Jinse Finance reported that Bitcoin mining company HIVE Blockchain announced plans to complete a 5-to-1 stock merger plan (5 shares for 1 share). As of May 10, there were 411,209,923 shares of the Company's common stock issued and outstanding. Following the merger, the Company will have approximately 82,241,984 common shares issued and outstanding. The combined common stock will begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange and NASDAQ on or about May 20, 2022. The move, which the company sees as a way to "increase shareholder value" and bring the outstanding share count closer to industry standards, is still awaiting regulatory approval.

At press time, HIVE Blockchain is trading at $1.22 Canadian dollars on the Toronto Stock Exchange and $0.92 on Nasdaq. [2022/5/12 3:09:00]

Argo Blockchain Cryptocurrency Mining Revenue And Margins Rise In October: LSE-listed bitcoin mining company Argo Blockchain reported an increase in revenue and improved profit margins from its cryptocurrency mining operations in October.

The company’s October revenue was £1.2 million, up from £1.1 million in September, while its average monthly mining profit margin rose to 40 percent from 37 percent. The firm also reported that 126 bitcoins or bitcoin equivalents were mined in October, compared to 127 in September, bringing the total number of bitcoins mined so far this year to 2,254.

Argo said it held 137 BTC as of the end of October, with a mining capacity of 16,000 machines. The company added that it has worked closely with Bitmain to find a solution for its underperforming T17 Antminer and has agreed to retire some of the miners. (Proactive investors) [2020/11/5 11:43:41]

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