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Bili established time: 2020-5

BiLi registration area: Seychelles

Coinlead is one of the world's famous digital asset international sites. It was established in May 2020. It mainly provides global users with digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). Derivatives trading services.

Republican candidate for the New York State House of Representatives: Nakamoto will not want Bitcoin to take advantage of the collapse of the global economy to succeed: On April 6, David Gokhshtein, the Republican candidate for the New York State House of Representatives, tweeted that XRP is not useless. It is foolish and selfish to hope that Bitcoin will take advantage of the collapse of the global economy to succeed. That's not what Bitcoin is about. I don't believe that was Satoshi's vision. [2020/4/6]

Coinlead adopts advanced technologies such as GSLB, distributed server cluster, distributed storage, high-speed memory transaction engine with multi-machine mutual backup, cold wallet, hot wallet with offline private key, etc. Multi-terminal provides our customers with safe, stable and credible digital asset transaction services. At the same time, we continue to improve and upgrade products and services based on user suggestions and needs, and serve every customer better and better. Innovation and user experience improvement are endless.

Japan’s Internal Revenue Service disclosed 331 taxpayers for cryptocurrency profits: According to Coindesk citing Japanese local media Jiji press, Japan’s National Taxation Bureau disclosed the number of taxpayers for cryptocurrency profits in 2017 for the first time last Friday. According to Jiji press, the number of taxpayers with miscellaneous income of 100 million yen and sources exceeding public pensions rose to 549 from 238 last year, and 60% of the 549 taxpayers, or 331 of revenue comes from cryptocurrency trading. [2018/5/27]

Large amounts of digital currency gains donated to charity: The miraculous growth in value of digital currency has led many investors to hold a large amount of wealth, and reports indicate that a large part of it has been donated to charity. [2018/2/20]

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